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A fast look at the covers of Wonder Woman vol. 3 make this point stronger. Diana is not being the strongest, but she's being defeated. In Heinberg's time, we have her being stopped by Giganta and Circe. What we need to see is a undefeated Diana demonstrating how great of a heroine she is. Her being the strongest and best superheroine ever! That's what needs to be shown in every cover. Yes, she can be shown being attacked, but she should also be shown kicking serious ass!

importantly on the covers. We live in a world where most people will pay attention to the cover of a book than its content. So, perhaps if Wonder Woman covers showed her in a stronger, more heroic way, she'd be more respected. This has come to my attention because of the last two covers that will come up in what it's been mentioned to be THE story arc that will shape the character in this modern time.

Pictured not only inside the page of a book, but most Nike Air Force White Mid

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

I've been thinking about the reason why Wonder Woman could sometimes be seen as a lesser hero. As a weaker link in the Trinity. Thinking also that the comic book universe is a visual one, perhaps the answer lies not in the dialogue, but in the way she is pictured.

He estado pensando en la razn por la cual la Mujer Maravilla puede, a veces, ser considerada una superherona menor, el lado dbil de la Trinidad. Pensando que el universo del cmic es una Nike Air Force 1 Low Suede Red

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

I'm a die hard DCU fan,but when I went to my local comic shoppe a week ago I actually purchased two issues of marvels the Avengers/Invaders mini series simply because those Alex Ross covers caught my eye. He even almost suckered me into buying an Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red issue of Superman. Almost(LOL). WW has mostly have had a great comic book artist in the cover and that never have a major impact in sales. Let's check: Brian Bolland was the cover artist after Perez left but sales were not that good until Mike Deodato arrived 2 1/2 years after Bolland began doing covers. Same with Adam Hughes who did the covers for that Eric Luke run after Byrne left, sales rose only with Phil Jimenez doing the art. To me comic book always should have a good comic artist, it's a graphic art after all.

image that will move people to open the book and go for the story? Think of Michaelangelo's Piet that's been used so much in comicbookdom, why not something like that?

In the first part of it, we see a defeated Diana and in the second one, we don't even see her. We see her hand lying on the broken grounds and her sister crying over her. There's also the man who loves her coming a minute too late. What if instead of those we'd see a face to face cover? On where Diana and Genocide are fighting each other and neither one is letting go and both try to make the other fall? And if she should fall, why don't we have a devastating Nike Air Force Red And Black High Top

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

visual, quiz la respuesta no est en los dilogos, sino en las imgenes que hay de ella.

Y esas imgenes no son las del interior de los cmics, puesto que de ello son los fans los que ms ven, sino de las portadas de lo que hablo hoy. Vivimos en un mundo donde la mayora de la gente juzga a un libro por su portada, entonces si la Mujer Maravilla fuera mostrada en una actitud ms herica, ms fuerte, en sus portadas, quiz sera ms respetada por el pblico general. Ese pblico que no la lee an. Porque si lo que toda esa gente ve es solamente sus portadas, entonces no ven ni una quinta parte de lo que ella es. Y se estn perdiendo de mucho. Comenc a pensar en esto por las ltimas dos portadas de la que se supone ser la gran historia que redefinir al personaje en estos tiempos modernos.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

I hope we see more of that in upcoming covers. I need to see more of Diana being that superhero. Being the best! I pray we see that in the future.


Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

Creo que tenemos que ver ms portadas de Diana demostrando su poder en toda la extensin de la palabra para que sintamos esa fuerza del personaje. Y eso es lo que espero ver en el futuro.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red


I guess it is the creator's point of view and creative direction that put Diana in these predicaments / poses in the covers. I have seen covers of a defeated Superman and Batman. Just look at some of the Final Crisis Covers and 52 Covers. We might be more concious of Wonder Woman covers because we are fans and perhaps we think that there might be more such poses. Maybe we need to keep tract of the covers for a year to see if there is a bias against Wonder Woma. They lack energy just give you kind of a 'Blahh" feeling. I would LOVE to see Alex Ross doing some covers for WW. That guy can get me to pick up almost anything based on the strength of his artwork alone.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

Y si en vez de esas portadas tendramos algo mucho ms impactante? Una lucha entre ella y Genocidio mano a mano ambas sin dar ni pedir cuartel y tratando de doblegar a la otra, donde se vea lo impactante de la amenaza y la fuerza de Diana para resistirla. Y si ha de caer por qu no ver una imagen que sea totalmente devastante? La piedad de Miguel ngel es tan comn en la historia de la DC Comics, entonces por qu no usar algo asi y elevarlo a la ensima potencia.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

En la primera parte vemos a Diana vencida y derrotada sobre un montn de desechos y en la segunda ni siquiera la veos. Slo vemos a sus hermanas llorando sobre su cuerpo tendido del que slo vemos una mano en el suelo. En la escena tambin est el hombre que ama llegando un minuto demasiado tarde para ayudarla.

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black And Red

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