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"My colleagues in this campaign, they were on that ballot because they, too, believe in Labrador," said Jones. "It was nice to see Harry Borlase come back home and run in this election, and I want to invite Harry and his family to stay in Labrador and be a part of what we're doing here."

They were in a lose lose and decided for themselves how to handle it, and came out looking like a classy bunch of Pink Nike Air Force 1 Low people who value democracy.

Happy Valley Goose Bay The sound of cheers was almost deafening as Yvonne Jones walked into Tenders Lounge in Happy Valley Goose Bay to join her supporters at the Liberal election party. The crowd had assembled as the first of Air Force Ones High

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Pink Nike Air Force 1 Low

Pink Nike Air Force 1 Low

Pink Nike Air Force 1 Low

Yvonne Jones is no push over, she is a fighter for the people because she cares. Those that disagree, all I can say is try to have an open mind and give her a chance. Congratulations once again to Yvonne Jones who I believe will do a good job and fight for all Canadians.

I think it's wonderful how Yvonne Jones wants to take action about the shortage of affordable housing. As many know Lab City has a problem with this with waiting times too long. Lab City also needs to create a shelter for men too because at the moment there is none and what happens to those who can't afford to pay the high rents while on a waiting list for affordable housing? That could be very dangerous in the cold winter months. Some people just don't have any family and friends to turn to and need the help which to me is part of Canadian values to be looking out for another. Nobody can predict the future and sometimes unexpected things happen to people in life and Yvonne Jones clearly understands this. I believe Ms. Jones will do the right thing and pressure the federal government to do more to help. Affordable housing, fighting to help so they don't become homeless is a very important issue which Yvonne Jones understands yet I think this same issue hurt Peter Penashue when he voted against Bill C 400 which was designed to do more to help those who need it most. Affordable housing and to help people who needed it with the high cost of food was also something Harry Borlase wanted to fight for too. What the Conservatives don't seem to understand as Canadians we are in this together and when others are hurting we all are hurting and it ends up costing everyone so much more in the end. I also hope the problem of high gasoline prices will also be dealt with, sometimes people forget that plays a role in also making food prices to go up.

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´╗┐Labrador landslide for Jones

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"And to Peter Penashue: I remember Peter when he was a leader of the Innu and a strong leader . and I hope, Peter, that you get that back. I hope, once again, that you will rise as a powerful and tremendous leader of the Innu people, and that will benefit all of Labrador."

themselves up to the public . they do so for very strong reasons."

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You add nothing to the debate other than sour grapes, and then try to insult the intelligence of an entire population because they don't vote how you want them to. You, sir, are a coward (for remaining anon) and a bully (for leveling childish insults) coincidentally, the template of the Harper Conservatives.

"Most people who know me, they know I'm very forgiving," said Jones. "If you're not forgiving in politics, you'll never survive in politics, and that has been my experience. I also believe that anyone who puts themselves out there in a political race, and opens Air Force One Low All White

"When I was reflecting on this election win tonight, I was saying, 'I'm the first person in the country to beat the Harper government in a byelection,'" Jones said to raucous applause.

the ballots were being counted across Labrador.

Had Labrador re elected him, pessimists on the other side would be saying something like, "way to elect more of the same, Labrador, you'll get what you deserve. NOTHING!!11!!!>"

"The people of Labrador wanted change. Not necessarily a change in political party, but they want a change in how Labrador is being dealt with. They want representation that's going to put Labrador first, and I guarantee you, they got it tonight."

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Anon, your pessimism is uncalled for. Labrador voted in a democratic election to oust the person who committed illegal acts to win the election in the first place, a guy who never managed to get anything substantial (goose bay military base?) for his riding, and also refused to address with the media why he ended up in a by election anyway, other than blaming other people for his problems.

Jones later added that her Top 3 priorities are dealing with Labrador's housing crisis, jobs and transportation.

When the results started popping up on the big screen, Jones was ahead of Conservative Peter Penashue and New Democrat Harry Borlase. The crowd of supporters stared Air Force 1 Low Red Suede

During her speech, Jones called for unity among all Labradorians, including those who didn't vote for her in this byelection. She went as far as to compliment Borlase and Penashue for their campaigns.

Jones says she's due to start a week from Wednesday in Ottawa, and she has a long list of priorities to bring to the House of Commons.

Jones and the Conservative incumbent Peter Penashue had a war of words during this campaign. The most notable incident happened during a live radio debate when Penashue accused Jones of "double dipping" while she was MHA, and having her wages garnished to repay the taxpayers' money. Jones responded, during an interview with The Labradorian, by saying that she could sue Penashue for defamation if she chose to. But in the moments after her convincing victory in Labrador, that was all water under the bridge for Jones.

"These are the three particular issues that continue to surface in Labrador," says Jones.

at the results as they came in throughout the night, cautiously optimistic that Jones was going to hold on to her widening lead.

"It didn't matter where you went in Labrador it was challenge that many Labradorians were facing, and it ranged from transportation to housing issues to affordable living. All of these things were a factor and they really felt that no one was speaking up; nobody was championing their issues."

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