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Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

The landlord might feel they do not want to put a lot of nice things into a unit or do updates until they are out.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

How the rent payments, always on time or behind constantly? This will make a big difference.

If they go this route negotiations will be done.

Hello everyone! I haven been on the site lately as I have been busy with some projects and keeping a healthy lifestyle :). One of my contractors who is a great person and has helped me needs some advice. He has been renting a house for the past 5 years and needs to change the carpet. I visited his house when we went for some tools and the carpet is in really bad Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum shape. He has tried to clean it but it is beyond cleaning and will need to be replaced. His landlord owns two houses in the neighborhood and told him that she will not replace it because she didn know he would have kids! Besides the carpet issue, there is mold in the garage wall due to run off from the furnace something must be clogged in there. I really want to help this guy out he has been really helpful. Thanks for any advice!

move if the landlord won deal with problems.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Send the owner in writing a letter about the carpet, water problem, and repairs that were completed. Give a timeframe to reply or let them know they will be giving notice to move.

If this tenant is a problem on a consistent basis the landlord might want them to move and hence fixing as least things as possible to get them out.

Originally posted by Dawn A.:One thing to consider, if he can report the issue to health and human services, he can pay rent into an escrow account and the landlord won get it until she fixes the issues. See if that would work for him.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

according to him. The landlord has been rude and uncooperative with him. Last month, the garage door spring broke and he couldn get his tools out. She didn care so he went ahead and replaced it out of pocket. Isn mold dangerous for health? This is what is most alarming from what I saw. They have two little girls. He wants to move but is not financially ready. He wants my help in finding him an owner finance house in about 4 months when we finish a project.

´╗┐Landlord won't change old dirty carpet after 5 years

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

Maybe the mold is an issue, maybe not. Mold is, IMHO, one of those bugbears that is rarely as big as a problem as it gets turned into. The real issue is a potential water leak. If there a leak, the landlord should fix it or she endangering her property. A small water leak can turn into a huge problem. Certainly shouldn be ignored.

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The carpet has probably been with the house since it was built around 1995 Nike Air Force 6

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

Ultimately, though, the solution is to Nike Air Force 1 High Retro Qs - University Blue

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

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So, the carpet is 18 years old and due for replacement. OTOH, it was 13 years old when he moved in. That would have been the time to complain, not a few months before moving out. Unless he the source of the mess (I assume not), its just as nasty as its been for five years. Why the push to replace it now?

Nike Air Force 1 Low Brown / Gum

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