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Sadly, fate has some cruel turns in store for the lovely young couple. Early on we got a few hints that there is a large cultural divide between Priya and Saki's extended families. Saki's mother and sister wear very conservative saris and are always found in the family kitchen preparing yet another lovely meal of idlis and dosas. When Priya calls her mother, on the other hand, we find Priya's Ma gyrating in a disco to wild western music. When Priya asks her mother where her father is, the mother responds "I don't know."

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BUT, I also believe, such scenes in movies cannot be taken as a reflection of public attitude or that people condone wife beating. It is just that movies will be movies.' For eg, only in a movie can a guy take on a whole army and survive but that is reel life not real life.

In the final scene Priya's mother attempts to take Priya away from Saki's family. Priya's family is driving away from Saki's house. The mother and daughter are in the front seats, the Nike Air Force 1 White And Blue

A few weeks ago Esmerelda and I were treated to a screening of KS Adiyaman's latest movie Priyasaki. The movie Priyasaki is named after its two main characters, Priya and Saki.

mother driving and the father in the back seat. Priya jumps out of the car screaming that her place is with her husband and child. Priya's mother steps out of the car demanding that her daughter come home with her. Suddenly, in a dramatic development, Priya's father springs to life. He grabs his wife forcibly, and slaps her brutally across the face. Her mother screams "How dare you!" He proceeds to slap her again, again, and again.

OK, let's be fair. KS Adiyaman wants you to beat your wife only if she deserves it. Let me explain.

Saki and Priya find the cultural Air Force 1 Low On Feet

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Promotional shots of Priyasaki

´╗┐KS Adiyaman wants you to beat your wife

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Priya's father is a quiet, reclusive character who comes to play a crucial role in the developing drama of Priyasaki. Early on we see him alone by himself cooking a dosa while his wife is out dancing. Throughout the movie he is passive and accepting of his wife' curt and direct commands directives such as "Shut up" and "Let's go!"

Saki's extended family, a move that Saki is simply unwilling to entertain. For him family life is all about his larger extended family. Saki lives for his family.

I've always wondered why womens' organisations or other public interest groups have not taken up the issue. They restrict themselves to tarring movie posters that show semi naked women. Scenes showing characters smoking or drinking is frowned upon. But the indecency of wife beating in movies has not been made an issue.

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Priya herself finds life with Saki's family tiring. She does not know why the whole family needs to go out all together to each event. She also complains about the lack of air conditioning in Saki's family home, and, to her in laws disappointment, Priya admits that she has no experience working in the kitchen whatsoever. In fact, Priya says "I have never stepped into a kitchen."

In the movie's most dramatic sequence Priya's mother makes arrangements for Priya to have an illegal abortion at a local hospital. Priya's mother is afraid that Priya will not agree to the abortion so she tricks Priya to come to the hospital under false pretenses. Saki learns that the mother is trying to kill his unborn child and he makes a desperate attempt to stop the abortion. During this sequence we discover that Priya's family is very nonchalant about abortions a close relative of theirs admits to having had 7 with no ill repercussions whatsoever.

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Just as the family tensions are about to destroy the new marriage, it is revealed that Priya is pregnant. Saki's family rejoices. They are thrilled by the coming addition to the family. Priya has mixed feelings and is confused. Priya's mother, however, does not have mixed feelings. She is convinced that Priya needs a divorce and is terrified that a baby will trap her daughter in a stifling, controlling marriage.

Also, we are more than a tad mortified to see that no one else around us is mortified by the violence against women in this movie. It is sad that over the last several decades in the movies, and more recently in TV serials, most husband wife arguments end with the wife getting whacked.

At the start of Priyasaki the viewers are shown the dreamy perfect family life of Saki. Saki is the handsome son in a three generation Tamil family that thrives on enjoying one another's company. From oldest grandmother to youngest adorable cousins they live for each other's love, warmth and communal comfort. The opening concludes with the traditional family thanking Ganesha with prayers for all they have received, and even wishing to be reborn once again all together so they can preserve their happiness for evermore.

As Priya and Saki's family battle over control of the unborn child we learn more and more horrible and despicable details about Priya's corrupt and westernized mother. When Priya is home complaining about morning sickness and stomach pains, her mother is too busy caring for the family dog to care or notice. Priya's mother organizes a birthday party for her daughter and encourages her to get drunk even though Priya is with child. All through out these terrible events, Priya's father is passive, merely accepting his role as a pawn in the cruel and selfish hands of his wife.

"No!" he says. "I have been too silent for too long! Not another word out of you! You have put your daughter into the streets! Get back into the car and do not say another word!" She wags her head obediently, her eyes wide in shock and terror, and slips into the car back seat without another word. Priya returns to Saki. Priya's parents, the father driving, disappear into the distance. And we can only assume they all live happily ever after now that all has been set right in the world's moral universe. The women, thankfully, have been shown their rightful place. Such a shame it took a physical beating to set everything right.

Saki goes to Dubai on a business trip during which he meets a beautiful model, Priya, and they fall in love. There are some amazing musical shots, including one with a Hummer hurdling over Nike Air Force 1 Grey Low massive sand dunes and quite a few sensual scenes with Priya and Saki getting as passionate as two people can without any kissing or clothing removal. At the end of their Dubai romance Saki proposes to Priya, and she, swooning with delight, accepts.

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The movie depicts two very clear camps: Saki's traditional family which represents all that is good and pure in the world, and Priya's corrupt westernized family that represents the evils of the west and the degenerative ills of globalization.

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tensions between their families increasingly difficult to navigate. When Priya's mother drops by for a visit, Saki is clearly perturbed by the mother's provocatively short skirt. Priya, for her part, is desperate for Saki and her to move out to an apartment away from Nike Air Force 1 High Grey Suede

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