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Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

According to officials with the Kentucky Department of Forestry, there have been more than 325 wildfires Nike Air Force 1 Low Suede Navy Blue

The permits allow withdrawals for uses other than crop Nike Air Force 1 Low White Purple

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

to dip from highs in the 80s to lower 70s during the daylight hours, but these are still above average.

Lack of rain brings concerns as drought conditions continue

During fall fire season which extends through Dec. daily. Army Corps of Engineers.

Although a cold front will move through the region this week, it won't bring moisture with it, Rezek said. It will cause temperatures Nike Force Sky High Sneaker Wedge

The lack of rain and Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue continuing Indian summer heat have officials across Kentucky concerned because the fall fire season, which begins today, could be more active than usual.

According to the Kentucky State Police, there were 2,928 deer related collisions on Kentucky's public roads last year, killing one and injuring 166 others. Half of those accidents occurred between Oct. 1 and Jan. 1.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

"There's a need and we've got water," Meadows said. "The current drought conditions have caused water shortage problems for large and small businesses and communities across the state. This policy was put into place for just such emergencies."

State law enforcement officials are also warning the drought could increase the number of deer wandering onto Kentucky roadways during mating season as deer travel farther for new sources of drinking water.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

In the Huntington district, which includes Grayson Lake, Dewey Lake, Fishtrap Lake, Paintsville Lake and Yatesville Lake, a 2 ton water truck can be approved at the project level while larger quantities may require users to enter into a contract and pay for the water, officials said.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

across the state this summer with more than 9,000 acres burned.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

There are normally very few fires in August and September, but officials said this year there were 315 fires that burned 8,651 acres. During the same period last year, four fires burned 131 acres.

According to meteorologist Alan Rezek, of the National Weather Service in Charleston, the Tri State is approximately 10 to 12 inches behind average for annual rainfall. Last week's rain showers did little to relieve the situation, sprinkling only abut a quarter to a third of an inch on most places in the region.

Drought conditions create extreme fire behavior, making it much more difficult for firefighters to contain and extinguish them. Fires occurring in drought stricken areas start easier, burn hotter and move much faster, posing a greater risk to both residents and firefighters.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

Terry Bowden, resource manager at Grayson Lake, said he hasn't had any requests for withdrawals from any of the Huntington district lakes.

Local volunteer fire departments may be permitted to fill their pumper and tanker trucks at the lakes as long as the water is being used for firefighting.

irrigation and landscape watering. According to Dave Meadows, chief of the water resources engineering branch, USACE Huntington district, the policy will allow USACE to provide drought relief for domestic, municipal and industrial uses, as well as agricultural uses other than irrigation.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

The severe drought that has plagued Kentucky and its neighboring states this summer is posing a whole new set of problems as summer turns into fall.

Nike Air Force 1 Grey And Blue

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