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Government is determined to protect Queenslanders from the potential for hundreds of millions in repayments Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 On Feet

will implement these changes from 2011, which will provide sufficient time to engage closely with stakeholders.

change its current legislation to allow appeals to be settled under the current Act until 30 June 2010, validate previously issued valuations and address other industry concerns.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

We moved to Hervey Bay in 2003 because it was and still is a great place to live. It certainly not perfect and we have very similar problems to just about everywhere else in Queensland.

purpose of this Bill has always been to maintain the status quo after the recent Court Case, so these changes simply provide greater certainty for the industry. Robertson said that the State intended to move to value valuation as applied in other States which includes the assessment of fill and improvements but excludes the valuation of leases which have been so controversial.

the new system will not result in significant changes to rates and property taxes. is not a new revenue raising measure this is about providing certainty for the future. That was the purpose of the Henry Review but it seems that Mr Rudd is finding that a bit difficult to wade through. I completely agree with you about the FDB being the fairest tax system that I am aware of. But don hold your breath waiting for it. Those who control the reins of power do not want to see a fair system of tax.

will allow us to complete the 2010 valuation with certainty, but we will then go further Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm and introduce the simpler method of valuation value for non rural lands from the following year.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

move to adopt the value methodology similar to that used in other Australian States from the 2011 valuation, for property except rural areas;

The Government will put in place a new structure to reform the state valuation services including Nike Air Force 1 High Wheat

Premier Anna Bligh today announced significant changes to the Queensland land valuations system to provide greater certainty and align Queensland with other States.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

The Premier announced today the state would:

resolution means the status quo is maintained no new taxes for property owners and no big refunds from State or local governments. Bligh confirmed that the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy and Minister for Trade would introduce a number of amendments to the Valuation of Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 to put beyond doubt some of the industry feedback heard in recent weeks.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

the landholder, this will mean valuations will reflect what can actually be from the street and will allow easier comparison with other land values, he said.

But take a stroll along the beach at sunset and watch the colours change and a velvet dusk creep in from the east and the beauty you will see puts all those problems in their true perspective they passing and this really is a great place to live.

Government will pass legislation so the method for valuing property is crystal clear, now and into the future, Ms Bligh said.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

introduce an independent statutory position of Valuer General, to lead Queensland State Valuation Service; and

We in business and we service a wide range of businesses here in Hervey Bay and we know that some of them are doing it tough. We also know that business confidence is coming back and even some of the empty shops and commercial premises are starting to fill up and we expect that confidence will continue to grow.

dealing with the past, the Government will legislate to maintain the status quo by validating valuations already issued.

the appointment of an independent Valuer General to provide transparency in the assessment and issuing of valuations.

To the new valuation system. The only thing I can say is about time. Now they have sorted out most of the anomolies in the bill, improved value is the fairest system for applying rates. This is why the LGAQ have been asking the state to bring it in for so long and also why every other state uses it.

´╗┐Land Valuation Reforms in Queensland

The Premier has today committed to moving to site valuation, consistent with other jurisdictions and in line with what the property industry and local government have been seeking for some Black Nike Air Force 1 High

which has emerged after a recent Court decision.

Nike Air Force 1 High Bhm

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