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How do you prepare for a concert like this, where you are playing with the other musicians for only a relatively short time before the concert?

Di Modugno: Practice a lot at home to be sure of your own part. And then you have to trust your musical partner, the orchestra, of course, the musicians, the director who is a kind of a coordinator between me, as the soloist, and the orchestra.

So I fly over to Bari,[Italy], we had a rehearsals, and we're lifelong friends now. That was a year and half ago.

Then he opens the case, revealing a classical guitar. He removes the instrument and begins plucking a tune. Instead of the frantic buzz of rock and roll, di Modugno weaves a graceful melody, his fingers running up and down the wooden fret board. People nearby stop what they're doing and listen.


Nike Air Force 1 Low Rainbow

The Italian guitarist plays classical music and jazz, sometimes performing solo and other times with ensembles and orchestras. He's entertained audiences on multiple continents and worked with Oscar winning composers. The 50 year old recently traveled to Wyoming to prepare for concerts with the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra in Casper and Lander. and how he prepares for a concert on the other side of the world. He was joined by Wyoming Symphony Music Director and Conductor Matthew Savery.

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Savery: It was concerts that we were part of, a festival of contemporary music, in Italy. They wanted an all American program, and for that they Nike Air Force One Flyknit High

It happens sometimes they call me for some recording or soundtrack, but mostly for live concertos.

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Di Modugno: For me, it is the best thing, to collaborate with others. I'm always stimulated from collaboration. I do some solo recitals, of course, but also perhaps I am searching a kind of path of my career that is not just as a soloist of guitar but playing every kind of music I like.

Di Modugno: I like Air Force One White Low

Nike Air Force 1 Low Rainbow

A lot of people play instruments as children or as students, but eventually give it up, or it becomes a hobby. When did you realize you could be a professional musician?

You've collaborated with many musicians. Why are you drawn to collaborating with musicians, rather than playing solo?

I collaborate often in Italy with a very famous composer, the name is Nicola Piovani. He won an Oscar for "Life is Beautiful." And recently with Ennio Morricone, another composer who is famous in Italy.

Di Modugno: This is the first time I am here in the USA. I have been often around in Europe: in France, Switzerland, where I studied also, and Spain, Germany, Tunisia and Mexico and Australia. But I am really glad to be here because I like.

Saturday's concert is going to feature an older and a modern composition. [Vivaldi's "Concerto for Guitar" and Michael Daugherty's "Bay of Pigs."] Are there any pieces you are particularly looking forward to playing?

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Rainbow

Savery: One is one of the first ever written for the instrument, really for the lute, which is a precursor to the guitar. And one is written for the guitar. And somehow they do make really good sense together.

With his mop of gray hair and a red instrument case, Nando di Modugno could be mistaken for a classic rock guitarist on tour.

What are some of the other places you've played outside of Italy and do you have a favorite?

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Rainbow

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wanted an American conductor. They called a friend of mine who was unavailable so he said [to] call me. It was a concert that was unusual for me. Normally I get to choose the repertoire. This was a repertoire that was chosen for me, but it was great.

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How did you guys meet? How did this show come together?

´╗┐Lander for shows with Wyoming Symphony Orchestra

Di Modugno: My environment was a musical environment, Nike Air Force 1 Low Rainbow so it was quite natural to play and to do music at home. It came naturally, I didn't think about Air Force 1 High 07 Lv8

You come from a musical family. When did you first pick up an instrument?

both of them. They are so different, and at the same time, so complimentary.

Di Modugno: When I was an adolescent, I started playing with my father, I started working with him There wasn't a specific moment when I decided [to be a professional].

Di Modugno: I started at, I think, 4 or 5 on piano, but just a little, then at 7 started with the guitar. He was really young, 18 years old, so I had a good relationship with him. Not just playing guitar, but also playing football and [other things]. It helped me.

Savery: His father was a very famous accordion player.

I understand you've worked on some soundtracks.

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