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She needs to learn some humility and start taking responsibility for her own actions and failings. She blamed "national issues" and claimed that the Nottinghamshire Tories lost because the Conservative Party in Westminster isn't right wing enough on Europe! The answer surely lies closer to home. a lot of people simply don't like the way she speaks to and about those who she sees as "the enemy" of her particularly unpleasant brand of Conservatism. She's got quite a bit of growing up to do.

is very small. We will continue to fight for what we believe is best for the people of Notts.

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Please shed a tear for the most tragic figure in the Tory party since Thatcher.

This idea of people ditching the "big three" was echoed on the streets on Thursday.

After all the last administration did over the past 4 years with zero Council Tax increases, it's no wonder Conservative councillors feel as they do, anyone would feel the same.

"The hard work begins now. People have trusted us and I am very grateful for their support in believing we can deliver fairness for people in the county and we will."

Mrs Cutts's chickens have come home to roost. She has rarely if ever shown any consideration or sympathy for anyone on the receiving end of her cuts (not "savings" as she has rather disingenuously claimed). on the contrary, she has given all of the appearance of having thoroughly revelled in the chaos that she and her colleagues have caused.

But Rushcliffe branch chairman for Ukip Matthew Faithfull said his party was on the right track.

1)Kay Cutts, the Tories, and the also rans won.

Speaking before the final result, he said: "We want to see things done for Ashfield.

Fair and balanced reporting on the County Council Elections by the Nottingham Post.

The polls saw the Liberal Democrats lose only one seat, but leader Jason Zadrozny said he was disappointed with how the day ended and attacked Labour's campaign.

During the day, Mr Zadrozny was hoping to hold the balance of power if the council ended up with no one party in power.

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´╗┐Labour take the big prize in an election 'penalty shoot

Confirmation that Labour co. actually took part can be found on line 30 of a 35 line report, 29 lines after details of how Cutts by name denigrates Labours future strategy, then outlines her plans to topple them at the NEXT election.

He said: "I'm gutted. There's no other way to describe it. They have got in on a series of pledges that are far from realistic and that's that."

Education results well up, new library at West Bridgford, new bus station at Mansfield, increases in spending on childrens services and the elderly. The electorate took no account whatsoever of these achievements. Difficult decisions have had to made owing to the economic climate inherited, anyone can make easy decisions!

It is going to be really interesting to see where the Labour Group is going to get the money from to fund their totally un realistic aims. Watch this space! Flyknit Air Force 1 Low Black

But with all the results in except the eight seats in Arnold and Carlton, it looked as if a Labour win could be on the cards.

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Mrs Cutts said: "They will have to find millions of pounds of savings and yet they are promising to invest and turn street lights back on and I am not sure that's realistic.

"It's the perfect platform for success for Ukip in the European elections and the general election in 2015."

"We will be keeping a close eye on them and their majority Nike Air Force 1 High Top White Womens

He said: "People are moving from the traditional main parties to us in droves, as can be seen.

Speaking to the Post after voting, John Shields, 28, of Hucknall, said: "I'm fed up with Liberal, Labour and Conservative, it's time for a difference so I voted Ukip."

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Ukip performed very strongly in most Nike Air Force 1 Low Suede - Hyper Blue

For those confused about the outcome, according to this fine bastion of objective journalism, here is the result:

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Leader Alan Rhodes said: "It was like a penalty shoot out towards the end, but we're delighted.

"We have come third, getting nearly double the number of votes of the Liberal Democrats, but getting no seats which shows how well first past the post works for us.

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Nike Air Force 1 High Strap

Nike Air Force 1 High Strap

"We are not interested in senior positions on the council."

of the seats they were contesting, but whereas they gained seats in other shire counties, in Notts they lost their sole seat in Hucknall.

And after a Nike Air Force 1 High Strap nervous wait, it was finally confirmed that Labour had made the final two gains in Arnold North from the Tories to secure control of the council.

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Nike Air Force 1 High Strap

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