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Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

What they saw impressed them and allayed concerns, including a fear that students might make slower progress in core subjects or not know what's going on in class.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

He and kindergarten teacher Kenda Spicher, a former dual language immersion skeptic, initially wondered if such a program could fit with the high academic expectations at Fort Caspar.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

Besides board approval of a curriculum, officials also would have to decide if the district can pay for a program at any or all of the interested schools, according to Mathern, who also is a member of the committee. The cost for one language program per grade in a school would be roughly $20,000 a year, he said.

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What Timbers saw supported that research: A teacher had enhanced English lessons because the students were learning their home language faster.

Mathern told trustees that the timing would work well if the board makes a decision at its April 8 meeting. That would coincide with the schedule to Nike Air Force Black High Tops On Feet

´╗┐language classes interest grows in Natrona County

Immersion language learning IS a good idea however it is not the whole answer. There are many other factors to consider. Passionate views, pointed criticism Air Force Wheat High

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Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

inform parents which school their children have seats in part of an annual process designed to offer parents one of their top school choices.

Several advocates cited research indicating that dual language students perform at least as well and often better academically than students in traditional classrooms, that there are cognitive benefits, and that the program has not been shown to do any harm.

"How can we not do this?" Timbers said, adding that Utah is nearly last in the nation in spending per pupil while Wyoming ranks among the top.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

itself stupid as no school can realistically obtain 100% students preforming at grade level has resulted in an unfair and unrealistic amount of testing in our schools. This has provided mounds of data regarding students abilities to read, write, and do basic math. Secondly, implementing a bilingual classroom is one of the best ideas to combat the issue, as you see it, of kids graduating unable to read and write. Census Bureau. If that many hispanic kids are entering the public schools and thus pulling down the statistics upon graduation, why would you not help them graduate proficient in all subject areas by allowing them to learn in their native tongue? And to people who say that 'they should just learn English' need to get out and experience the world.

A teacher she observed during a visit to Utah "was just flying through those math lessons the same math I do and they were doing it all in Spanish," Spicher said.

Casper's Paradise Valley Elementary, Park Elementary and Fort Caspar Academyschools have applied to start programs this fall and are awaiting NCSD board of trustees approval.

Itis only 3 schools, with 6 classes total participating. Therefore, parents who are completely against it are free to not place their children in the program. Where parents who do want it shouldn't have the opportunity taken from them because others don't understand the benefits. As for comments regarding only leaving English because High School graduates can't read. I'm sorry, but that responsibly belongs to the parent. Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr Any schooling should be monitored by the parents. Wether it's this program or not, if a High School student graduates without reading, there's a problem. I have not seen any statistics showing reading/writing/math are on a decreasing trend. Even if they have slipped from year to year, it could be nothing more than regression toward the mean. In the Bush administrations infinite wisdom to implement no child left behind thus forcing schools to meet AYP (adequate yearly progress) something that Nike Air Force 1 Red And Grey

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Advocates of allowing Natrona County School District students to learn in a foreign language for part of the day say they have found enough interested parents and educators to go ahead with the program.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

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A group of administrators, principals, teachers and parents of students at the three interested schools recently studied research and visited dual language immersion classrooms in Utah, which leads a national movement for such programs.

Ninety two parents expressed initial interest in starting their kindergartners in a dual language immersion program this fall if the district adopts it, according to Mark Mathern, NCSD's associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction. At last week's NCSD board of trustees meeting, he said the district now plans to find out how many parents are interested in programs at the schools that applied.

A group of parents and educators called the Wyoming Dual Language Immersion Steering Committee in January gained permission to gauge community and school interest. Students in the optional program would spend half the day learning subjects such as math and science in a second language and the other half learning skills and reviewing lessons in English.

Parent Peter Timbers in a later interview said despite his initial skepticism, he'd be willing to switch his student to another school if it meant being in the program.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

"You just have to see it to believe it," Fort Caspar Academy Principal Randall Larson told trustees. "It's not a barrier for the kids at all."

Nike Air Force 1 Low Black Tumblr

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