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´╗┐Labour's political big guns wade into battle From This Is Wiltshire

turning into a depression. We ended up with a deficit, but that's the price you pay for trying to protect people.

I have stated this many times, and in previous elections, it is my belief that one stands for election on a voluntarily basis and should not seek to make a living from it as some clearly do, and I stand by that belief. When on South Marston Parish Council none of the Councillors took expenses that was a group decision.

She then headed off canvassing Air Force 1 High 07

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"We had a very simple choice," he told the group.

party member and former mayor, who described Mr Benn as 'the acceptable face of Labour'.

"Mr B, I reported said Judge to the Lord Chancellors Office way back in 1998/9 before I came to the Carpenters, he did not excuse himself from a civil case where his brother was the lead Barrister for the plaintiffs.

"To have a strong voice speaking up about the effect of the cuts, too far and Air Force 1 Black High

Their arrival comes just over a week after Labour leader Ed Miliband held a conference in New Air Force Flyknit Low White

voters to decide. But I think it's clear the choice between the Tories and Lib Dems isn't a choice any more. They're one government working together.

Earlier in the day, shadow leader of the House of Commons Hilary Benn paid a similar visit to the Covingham home of Derek Benfield, 79, long time Labour

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"George Osborne used to say we were regulating the banks too much. It's really important with the re writing of history the coalition has been engaged in, they're not allowed to get away with.

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College, and shows that the party's top brass are treating the town as a key battleground in theAnd the thorny issue of council led home care once again reared its head, as Mrs Harman went to the Liden home of one recently redundant carer, Jennie Aries.

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When Mrs Harman was asked how confident she is of winning votes in what used to be a core Labour town, the shadow deputy and secretary for international development, said: "It's really up to the

"Either we nationalise Northern Rock to protect people's savings, or we let it collapse. Did anyone lose their savings? When you've got a financial crisis like that, you act to stop a recession

And as for saying I would donate any expenses I received as a Councillor to community groups in my ward should I be elected being seen as a bride, well I guess that would be a case of evil he who evil thinks wouldn't it. I was merely stating I would not seek to profit from being a ward Councillor.

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Mr B Walter gets confused very easily. He's now repeated almost verbatim what he wrote under his alto ego in another place. I have no idea what he now refers to as a false document. Unless of course he's talking about the very real email where I attempted to have my name removed from the UKIP list of Councillors, which two people responded too, and as a consequence my name was removed, some 2 years after I stood down, but as I had no control over the web site hardly Nike Air Force 1 High Top Red my fault.

too fast, it has to be Labour. But I never second guess the voters."

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around Dorcan, alongside redundant home carer Ann Marie Black, the de facto leader of the campaign against home care privatisation.

Being told about the council's privatisation of the service, which left dozens of staff redundant two weeks ago, Mrs Harman said she was 'shocked' and 'disturbed.

Shadow cabinet members Harriet Harman and Hilary Benn both arrived in town yesterday to go canvassing door to door, in a bid to bolster Labour's chances in the May 5 council elections.

So Walter criticise me all you like my conscience is clear."

During tea and a fairly tame questioning from Labour members and sympathisers, Mr Benn accused Tory rivals of attempting to 'rewrite history', and defended Labour's record on bailing out the banks.

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