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Thank you for the inquiry, Mr. Holdman. Please advise further if necessary.

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

The units provide heat and work good enough to do that. But they do not properly function according to the heating company, and need replacing. I don know if they are damaged or just severely inefficient. All I know is that is literally triples my kilowatt usage and I know that through careful charting of my daily use (as well as my neighbors Our a/c in the summer never makes the bill reach even $100, and it gets to 100 degrees here. The heating units are electric, and the place is not well insulated. Electric rates have gone up, but this is the smallest apartment I ever had and the highest bills I ever had. My bill of over $200 last month was for November, so I terrified of the next bill.

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Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

It a very long story, but basically my landlord (which is a property company) will not repair my heat. They are following the Nike Air Force 1 Pink And White

If you withhold the last months rent they will likely start an eviction a few days after the rent is late. They will take you to eviction court, and you can both tell your story to the judge. Whether they will win or not depends on the judge. I would bet they would.

heat in. As Aegis says HVAC techs all want to here the saying is: "High energy bills equal low rents and low energy bills equal high rents" so it a wash.

As Jon explained electricity is extremely efficient. You just got to keep the Air Force 1 High Black And White

There is probably a housing advocate group at your university. I would consult with them.

For now, I turned my heat down to 60 degrees and just wear lots of clothes.

Sounds like this is electric heat. By definition, electric heat Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey can be inefficient. Its just a big resistor that turns electricity into heat. It doesn vent like a gas heater, so there no heat wasted up the flue. The heat must be escaping somewhere. Have you tried looking at the unit to see if there is air blowing out somewhere? If its in a crawlspace, and has cracks or gaps, you could be losing a lot of heat there. For example, where the ducts connect to the heater, or elsewhere in the ducting. I even seen where a duct is completely disconnected, blowing a lot of hot air into the crawlspace. Or, there may be cracks around windows, doors or elsewhere that are allowing heat out and cold in.

Why does the "heating company" say the units need replacing? Are they actually damaged, or just low efficiency? Are they electric or gas? Is the place drafty? It may not be as well insulated as units you previously lived in. Are the electric rates much higher than previously?

You could try using electric space heaters just in the areas you live. Be very careful not to overload circuits or let them become a fire hazard.

Any advice? Can they sue me? Is it likely they will?

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

I believe you will end up regretting your decision to withhold the last month rent. I believe your landlord will be very quick to file eviction, and you end up with an eviction on your record. I, and I think many other landlords, have a strict rule regarding evictions. If you have one, you can rent from me. Period.

I have been reading through several of the posted topics, and several times I read advice that said it is a bad idea to not pay the last month rent. I never skipped out on rent in my whole life, but am considering doing it this year. Let me give a little background as to why.

Where I at the local utility company will come out and do a free energy audit. My guess is you have no insulation, leaky windows and doors and outlets, and so forth.

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

Seriously, Jon is right you will regret not paying. If judgement hits your credit it will cost you alot more in the long run. Just an example, when you go to buy a car and they wont let you take out a loan until you pay off the judgement your still paying the last months rent plus some. If it seems outrageous move out as soon as your contract allows. Check with the neighbors at the next place you live for average rates and buy a place as soon as you can and then you have the full freedom to replace the furnace if you don think it is efficient enough.

Call it another form of tuition. And if it makes you feel better, we all paid it one way or another.

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

I live in Tennessee, and understand electric rates have gone up. But I lived up north most of my life and never had bills this high and it is not nearly as cold here as it is there! So, since I have no recourse against them, I was considering withholding my last month rent to make up for the hardship the heating bill is causing me.

´╗┐Last month's rent

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

The landlord has been told that the units need replacing 2 years in a row, but since they do provide heat (in accordance with the law) they are not interested in spending the extra money. My neighbors went through previous situations long before I lived here, and have always gotten the same story as me. I lived in Tennessee for 4 years now, and never had a heating bill for more than $80 for a townhouse too!

law though the heat does Nike Air Force 1 Low Red Croc

actually work. So I cannot withhold my rent legally while waiting for repairs, nor can I report them to code enforcement. I live in a house divided into 3 apartments and between the three tenants, we are paying between $800 and $1000 a month for heat! Nothing else, including the a/c, causes our electric to go up so high. I have been tracking my kilowatt hours daily and that how I figured it out. This problem has been going on for over a year now, and the company has sent the heating repair company out at least 8 times. It is the same answer every time it works. Yes, the heat works. But something is wrong with it to make the heat bill so high. The repair company said the units need to be replaced several times, but the landlord won approve and probably because they are providing heat, according to the laws.

Nike Air Force 1 High Top Grey

Bottom line is you entered into a binding contract with your landlord and you should honor it. If you don and he comes after you and prevails, you will be out much more than a month rent.

I doubt there is any requirement for a LL to provide a highly efficient heating system. So, I don think you have much of a chance in eviction court.

There is something very wrong here. I have a limited amount of money (I in graduate school) and have been saving for relocation after graduation. That money is going to be depleted fast by the electric bills, and I don know how to recoup the money other than saving my last month rent. I feel like it the wrong thing to do. But what the landlords are doing is wrong as well.

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