Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

a freshman, you came in about halfway through the season and made an immediate impact. During your sophomore season more was added to what you were able to do, particularly on special teams and even on offense. Are we going to see more things added this year for your junior season?

The other outside linebacker position is still a little bit in the air. Alex Huerta has been somebody that has taken over that spot and has become the main guy. He plays with amazing effort. He is a little bit light right now, a little bit lighter than we would like him. But he still finds ways to make plays. I'm excited to play with this group of backers.

but I'll be in that conversation at the end of the season.

Q: You're showing up on several different watch lists ahead of the 2014 season. Do any of those stand out to you or do you even care?

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Q: Will you see more reps with the offense this year or only in specialty packages?

Fackrell: I'm excited for it. We've been looking forward to it for a long time. We have had big games like this against big named schools every year for the last couple of years. We've been very close and we're just looking to get over the hump this year.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Fackrell: I did get to go to California and go to my wife's cousin's graduation. Which was fun. That was only for a couple days. But other than that it's been working, getting stronger and running.

Q: The linebacker corps have been the staple of USU defenses. Year after year there has been at least one great linebacker to anchor the defense. This year is no different. Tell me about the other linebackers that are in your group.

Q: What were your impressions of the transition into the Mountain West?

Q: Sounds like you have been doing a lot of conditioning and lifting weights right now. Do you feel like you are on pace for where the coaches want you to be or do you still have a ways to go?

Fackrell: I'm not sure. I'm absolutely down if the offense wants to use me for whatever. But first and foremost I'm an outside linebacker and that's what I love to do. That's the biggest thing, doing my job and performing to the best of my ability as an outside linebacker first.

Fackrell: I think a big thing is going to be putting up a lot of stats. That's a lot of what it is. Obviously I need to make sure I'm doing my job within the scheme. Hustle plays, coming from behind, things like that will help a lot. I think the extra weight I have will help me make more plays.

Q: We are only about six weeks out from Tennessee. Are you ready for it or do you wish you had some more time to prepare?

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

One USU player is showing up on several lists, and that's junior linebacker Kyler Fackrell. Fackrell has appeared on watch lists for the Bednarik Award (nation's best defensive player), Bronko Nagurski Trophy (nation's best defensive player), Butkus Award (nation's best linebacker) and Rotary Lombardi Award (nation's best linebacker or down lineman).

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Q: What do you think you need to do to be a finalist for that award or even win it?

Fackrell: If it's anything it will probably only be in certain goal line type situations. We'll get into that more once we get into camp. There hasn't been a lot of that right now with the offense coming together. At least I haven't been a part of anything like that. But I'm absolutely willing to do anything they need.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Fackrell: Obviously Zach has been here longer than I have and he has been performing and doing a great job. He is the leader of the defense, not just the linebackers but for the whole defense. We look to him a lot of the time to be the vocal leader and get us ready to play. His little brother is every bit as talented. He has done some awesome things for us, even this last year coming in in spots.

Q: Did you get a chance to get out of town, have fun and let your hair down this summer?

Fackrell: It's been really good. We had that month of May off. A lot of people were able to still stay here that month and train. We train twice a day, on our own, with the program that Coach Dave (Scholz) gave us. We just worked during that time period and then we came together as a team once everybody got back in June. We've just been working, getting in shape and getting stronger.

Fackrell: Coming into the Mountain West we knew, more so than in the WAC, that every week was going to be a more difficult game. There were some games in the WAC that weren't exactly huge games, they were games we should have won. But going into the Mountain West anybody could have beat us at any point so we needed to bring our A game. It's the same this year. Boise State lost their coach but their players have all grown up with him, they are coached very well still even without him. Fresno is going to be a great team again. They lost their quarterback and some star receivers but there are still a lot of great teams that could beat us any given day. Especially with only one bye we need to be mentally tough and ready to face that this season.

Fackrell: I've heard but I've honestly haven't seen my name on any of these lists. The Bendarik award for the best linebacker has been a goal for me this off season. Hopefully Grey Nike Air Force 1 High

Q: As Nike Air Force 6

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

´╗┐Kyler Fackrell

Fackrell: I think I, personally, have made a lot of progress. The program has been great that coach Dave has put together. I've been able to make huge strength gains and keep my weight up. I think everybody has. Everybody that I work with, like Zach (Vigil) and Nick (Vigil), they're on my rack and we've been all getting a lot stronger. We were just talking about it after a run we just did that we are all in the best shape we've ever been in. So we're really excited and looking forward to the season.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black

As we get closer and closer to the 2014 football season, more and more "watch lists" are released. Utah State has had its fair share of players showing up on Nike Air Force 1 Low Top Black those lists of players who are expected to be the best at their positions for this upcoming season.

I can perform in a way that will not just have me on a watch list Nike Air Force 1 Black Suede Gum Low

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