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Defendants entering confinement are evaluated for mental health needs and risk of self harm and are seen by trained and licensed staff as necessary, depending upon severity, according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

The Department of Corrections issued the following email: "Youth placed at Nike Air Force Black On Feet

It's the same plot that he said would have involved him dispassionately killing his father and possibly killing Zak Kruger, the surviving Kruger child, now a teenager attending the Waseca school. LaDue said he planned to kill any student he could but wanted to prioritize students in his grade.

David LaDue said in a Friday interview that he believes his son is improving. He said his son has accepted his "dark thoughts" and begun taking responsibility for his actions. He said they are working toward him being able to put the situation behind him.

In Minnesota, new juvenile and adult inmates who aren't acting out by threatening danger to themselves or others don't typically receive ongoing Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Review

The judge has the right to order a mental health professional in the case. No order has yet been issued in the case.

LaDue's father, David, was so impressed by his children's generosity at the time that he bought them both silver bars. The symbolic gift was meant to memorialize their actions, according to police reports.

´╗┐LaDue turned charitable act into deadly purchase

The family said they have been able to get a counselor to see their son for only a few minutes at a time due to the facility's protocol. He is also receiving short visits from a "grandfatherly" man who is a mental health professional at the facility, according to his parents.

He said he had three reasons for his plot: He wanted to "get out of this place," meaning he wanted to have himself killed by police. He wanted to do it "for fun." And he idolized Columbine shooter Eric Harris with whom he shared a similar world view.

Nike Air Force High

In interviews with police, he told them he had recently stolen his sister's silver bars. He said he pawned both his bars and her bars in Mankato for $500. He said he used the funds to help finance the purchase of firearms and explosive materials for his plot.

intensive therapy, say those who work in the justice system.

Nike Air Force High

Last April, Waseca police arrested John LaDue, who is now a 17 year old junior, and charged him with attempted murder. The police allege he planned to murder his family before conducting a school shooting at his high school, utilizing firearms and homemade bombs.

When asked about his feelings about the idea of killing Nike Air Force High people, including his family, he was dismissive.

"I don't really have empathy for anyone," LaDue told police.

Nike Air Force High

LaDue told police that nobody else knew his inner thoughts. He said he feels that he is likely mentally ill. His first request for something from the police was for a psychiatrist so he could finally "find out what's wrong with me."

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Nike Air Force High

When asked by police about the Kruger donation, LaDue said he was unsure why he had felt compelled to help at that time.

"I have good parents. I live in a good town. I think I'm really mentally ill. And no one has noticed. I've been trying to Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07 Black And White

David LaDue, who said he leads his life as a devout Christian, previously expressed concern prior to his son's arrest that his son had stated he was now an atheist. He said his son has informed him that he is no longer an atheist and has started down a path of personal improvement.

The fundraiser was aimed at helping the Kruger family through the unimaginable: Tracy Kruger and his 13 year old son, Alec, were murdered by a man who broke into their home. Hilary Kruger, the wife and mother, survived after being shot but was severely injured. The crime's impact on the Waseca community is still felt to this day and remembered by many residents.

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Nike Air Force High

Nike Air Force High

hide it," LaDue said.

Barely 10 years old, John LaDue emptied his entire savings account, which amounted to about $200, and donated the money to the Kruger family. His sister, Valerie, also donated a significant amount of her money to the cause.

LaDue said he first started having homicidal thoughts in the eighth grade, which he eventually channeled into his plan.

Nike Air Force High

Nike Air Force High

Separately he is undergoing occasional sessions with a court ordered professional for the purposes of certifying whether he should be charged as an adult in the case.

Red Wing receive adequate mental health care based on their level of need. If their needs exceed what can be provided, the courts would likely place them in a mental health facility."

LaDue's family is emphasizing their memory of the younger version of John LaDue during his court proceedings. David LaDue, his father, has criticized Waseca police for being willing to believe his mentally ill son's alleged plot but not being willing to see the son he has known his entire life.

"And at the time I really cared about people, and I don't even know why," LaDue said.

Nike Air Force High

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