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Bruton's performance and compensation history make a strong case against "entrepreneurial government." If you want to invest tax dollars in risky business like adventures, you must be willing and able to fire incompetent elected and public officials and disband loser profit centers, but this does not happen in the real world of government.

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His compensation increased by 84 percent over a 10 year period, with the largest annual increase ($19,000) coming when hiring and pay freezes were the order of the day.

Bruton was the architect of Marietta's redevelopment program. But eight years had passed by the time a professional staff of land development experts was hired, bank loans were arranged so a straw man could start purchasing properties, the state approved three Tax Allocation Districts and the not for profit public corporation were incorporated, land developers were selected to receive taxpayer subsidies, and $6 million of the BLW's cash reserves were repositioned to invest in redevelopment. The housing bubble had burst, wiping out the taxpayers' considerable investment of human and financial resources, reducing the school system's tax revenues and damaging Marietta's economy for years to come. All MRC costs were apparently shifted to a city department called "Redevelopment" where its budget increased from $185,664 in FY10, to $257,347 in FY11. What this means is that taxpayer subsidy of this useless program approaches a million dollars a year when lost tax revenues, use of reserve funds to pay down TAD debt and the support Redevelopment/MRC receives from other departments and the city attorney are counted.

Bruton's contract is approved by the City Council. He is the only employee that has the maximum deferred compensation allowed under the city's 457(b) plan paid for by taxpayers. There are no specific performance standards included in his contract and no justification can be found for his fantastical pay increases other than the mayor and the council like him.

only three of Georgia's most populous counties and incorporated places to lose population in 2010. The other two are East Point and Macon.

Under Bruton's watch the city went deep into the business of nuclear power. The residents of Marietta are now responsible for about $1.2 billion in off book utility debt, most of it obligated for two new nuclear reactors being built at Plant Vogtle. This was a risky venture even before the nuclear catastrophe in Japan. Wall Street views nuclear as a big gamble and only taxpayers are brave enough to invest their money Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit White Womens

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It was the responsibility of the City Manager and his "staff of experts" to avoid the Redevelopment Train Wreck, but they continued full speed ahead into the great American Recession. If a private corporate manager failed to kill a loser profit center like the MRC, he would be fired. Bruton, instead, got a hefty raise.

May be you need to just realize they good and that if they could actually function/succeed in private sector activities, they wouldn't be playing entrepreneurial games on the taxpayer dime. Also, remember that if we don't pay them those high salaries when they play entrepreneurial games, we might lose them to another government entity that is even more clueless than Marietta.

´╗┐Larry Wills City manager's pay hikes don't reflect city's lack of success

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Larry Nike Air Force White And Black Wills of Marietta is a retired recycling consultant. He is extremely competant and does a terrific job. Have any of you complainers ever gone thru the Citizens Government Academy and seen firsthand what it is like to run the city? Don't throw stones unless you know what you're talking about!

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Maybe the best indicator of Bruton's success is the 10.4 percent decline in the city's population. In 2006 the city's population was 63,152. According to the 2010 census it now stands at 56,579. Marietta is one of Nike Air Force One Tumblr

If you are the one who posted the comments listed above then whose side are you on, Larry's or the City's?

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Bruton's most recent entrepreneurial endeavor is operating a medical clinic and pharmacy for city employees, retirees and their dependents. It is unclear how much the city's medical department spent in FY2011, but it was apparently budgeted $746,580 out of the Human Resources and Risk Management account for FY2012. Typical of Bruton's trial and error style of management, he promised to shut down this adventure if it does not save the city $400,000 annually, but how many more tax dollars can be wasted on one of his learning curves?

in this market. If this project suffers substantial delays or is abandoned all together, it will be a financial catastrophe for BLW customers and the citizens of Marietta. The worst case scenario is a fire sale of Marietta's electric utility to either the Cobb EMC or Georgia Power.

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A review of Bruton's compensation history seems to indicate that his job performance is exceptional. Air Force Ones White Low Top

Bill Bruton was hired as city manager in 2000 to implement the city's redevelopment program, bring the financial and operational resources of the Marietta Board of Lights and Water directly under the control of the mayor, direct BLW and SPLOST revenues to support the Marietta Redevelopment Corporation's projects and implement a plan to refinance the Conference Center and Hotel.

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The table below shows a well rewarded city manager and implies Marietta's "Entrepreneurial" projects are wildly successful. However, a closer examination of the details of these projects and other indicators tell a different story.

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The city's plan to reinvent the conference center and hotel also proved disastrous for the taxpayer when the decision was made to use variable interest credit swaps to refinance this debt. These bonds proved unsustainable when the interest rate dropped and the city was forced to buy them back at a premium. At that time, Bruton urged speedy action or the city could lose upward of one million dollars in fees and penalties. According to city budget documents, the taxpayers' haircut actually cost over $8 million ($6,985,494 in agent fees alone).

How do you measure the performance of government officials especially ones that serve municipalities like the City of Marietta that have embraced the murky, quasi government philosophy of "entrepreneurial" governance? Marietta's "entrepreneurial" activities are legendary. They include the Marietta Conference Center and Hotel, an ambitious land redevelopment program, a billion dollar investment (with other governments) in the construction of two new nuclear reactors and the operation of a medical facility for city employees.

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