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and to heal the sick regardless of language or nationality, no matter what language and violence does not belong here. Shame on the person for behaving so badly in publicIt is very unforunate. It will get much worse. It is politically incorrect to say money and ethnics won the referendum and there was an outcry when such a cooment was made. However, the English are constantly insulted in the French media and that is deemed acceptable. It is the FRench bureaucrats and media who are causing this linguistic division among us, and the French public are at fault as well because they are accepting what's being done to the English. Those that don't, remain silent. Now like good law abiding sheep, there are a few that spreading this anti anglo sentiment on the streets. When will a prominent francophone from the francophone majority denounce what is being done to the Quebec minority. If francophones in Ontario were treated as anglos in Qc. are in this day and age, could you imagine the backlash. Someone is going to have to grow some gonads and stand Nike Air Force Black On Feet

What started as a simple conversation in line at the Jewish General Hospital's cafeteria, ended with an alleged assault.

What is our world coming to when people fight over what language you speak in regardless of where you live,

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

work I was in the cafeteria during lunch hour, there were many people there from various cultural backgrounds. There were some people there speaking to each other in their native dialect and the Francophones told the two people to speak in French. This was complete racism, this was during the lunch hour and it is none of your business what language the other two people are speaking to each other in. Talk about insecurity and stupidity. they wish to reduce the visibility of English, reduce the number of services available in English, reduce the availability of English language education, I suppose to eventually eliminate English as an official language in the thinking that it's English speakers that are holding up Quebec separation. In a democracy, the rights of a minority are never upheld. Our rights are irrelevant to bigots. Whatever the issues, be they language, ethnicity, colour, sexual orientation, there's always some idiot who thinks they can tell someone else how to live.

The gentleman had every right to question the use of gloves due to his allergic reaction, which could Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer be fatal.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

The Jewish General hospital is affiliated with McGill university as a teaching hospital

´╗┐Language tensions lead to arrest at hospital

The real issue can date back to the 70s with the October Crisis and has come to this moment where an intolerant Queen Bee Pauline Marois is in charge where its giving these xenophobes an adrenaline rush.

The last time I looked English speaking was not a crime, what happened to freedom of speach?

This is total stupidity and pure racism. However, I remember once at Nike Air Force 1 Women White

It's an example of possibly growing language tensions in the province.

that she was upset that he was speaking ENGLISH

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

Had she been upset that he was holding up the line and berated him for that then i could agree with you, but not when its documented Nike Air Force One Low Black And White

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

The man pressed charges against the woman, who was arrested. The investigation continues.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

how is that not language tension?? a Francophone yelling at a person for speaking English = Language tension no matter where you are from

up against this wrong. Defend our rights that are supposed to be protected under the constitution and the charter of rights. Si vous vous tenez derrire une femme folle sandwich jeter qui pourrait agir comme a dans un hpital alors vous aussi vous tes foir comme elle est. Peut tre que cet homme vient de perdre un tre cher, ou se bat contre un maladie . Vous tes tellement absorb par vos problmes de langue que vous avez perdu tout sens commun.

The English speaking man was buying a sandwich Wednesday afternoon in the atrium cafeteria of the hospital. Police say he asked the employee to change his gloves in case they came in contact with tomatoes, to which he suffers violent allergic reactions.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

It's at that point a woman in the line started complaining loudly about his speaking English. He told her to mind her own business. Things escalated and she threw a tuna and tomato sandwich in his face.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Upstep Br Trainer

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