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So, maybe we could rent a few thousand helicopters, have Montreal air lifted out to sea, find a remote island, shake out all the useless seperatists/racists, etc. and maybe a few rodents to boot., then safely return it to it's cradle in the St. Lawrence, cleansed of it's disease. Repeat every 10 years, just as an innoculation. Weeds tend to grow back.

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On a recent trip to Rome I noticed that in their subway all the signage was in Italian and English and all of the station announcements were in English as well. This is in Italy! Forget Montreal, don't waste your time and money in this declining old relic.

It's all the fault of corrupt and racist politicians that want to create a French city.

near Quebec as a tourist either and same here; I just grin and deal with all the stupidity until I get the hell out of here. No tourist wants to come here. All road signs are in French so tourists just end up driving in circles dodging potholes everywhere.

What evidence does he have of the negative impact ? Statistics ? Why does he not quote them ? Bookings down ? By how much ? All we have is one guy's vague innuendo .

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Montreal is dead. Salut la visit!True that! It's only worth it to come to Quebec if there's a wedding or a funeral. Even then I'm sure people would dread it.

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Lapointe believes that the French face of Montreal is as an attraction for tourists, but this kind of attention isn't doing us any good.

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Montreal is NOT a French city, Nike Air Force 1 High On Feet Women

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Montreal was poised to be both the cultural an economic capital of Canada. Then the seperatists came. And swiftly put a stop to that. Everything and anything great about french culture was left on the shores of France a few hundred years ago. The abomination that crossed the ocean and crawled up on to the shores of New France is what we deal with on a daily basis here.

it's a multi ethnic and multi lingual Canadian city

President and CEO of Tourism Montreal Charles Lapointe says the recent bickering over language is giving Montreal a bad name. He says it is sad to see the escalation of language tensions over of the use of some English words.

The head of Montreal's tourism agency says the recent language quarrels are having a negative impact on the city.

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Nike Air Force 1 High White Ebay

unnamed) to build industry, schools, hospitals, infastructure, communities all of the things that cities and states need to compete. For talent.

How many tourists from Australia and New Zealand was he expecting in the first place ?

The city is a mess, the racist language laws are retarded and what is there to see here anyway? Dirt, crumbling roads, unfinished overpasses, french only signage, traffic, snow. I would never spend a cent coming here as a tourist.

There is really no reason to come here unless it's for a wedding or a funeral.

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Nike Air Force 1 High White Ebay

I would definitely never go anywhere Pink Air Force 1 Low

I find it hard to believe that some paragraph story in the Canberra Times or the Aukland Gazette about Montreal menu language would be looked upon as anything more than local quirkiness It would provoke curiosity more than Angry Anglo style outrage .

´╗┐Language tensions scaring people away

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He says the story was reported everywhere and Montreal was ridiculed in cartoons in newspapers across Canada, and abroad, from Australia, New Zealand, and England.

Honestly, what tourist wants to come to Montreal?

Lost tourist revenue? Just throw it on the pile, right next to lost tax revenue because of a reduced tax base, and just underneath and to the right of everything else of value that this culture is bent on destroying. All of the damage that has ever been done to this province has been caused by and only by the hate driven nationalist movement; despite the efforts of les autres (you know,the unfrench; Italian, Jewish, Scottish, Irish, English and many other Nike Air Force 1 Low Maroon

Quebec is a pathetic sorry excuse of a province wannabe country. Stay away and tell all your friends. Let's watch this place fall apart as we prepare to start a new life in a better place.

that is being destroyed day by day, year by year by the separatists.

I've been all over Europe (including Paris) as well as China and never had a problem getting public services Nike Air Force 1 High White Ebay in English. Most of, if not all signs were in English.

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