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having the balled exercise at the room next to Chae gyung.

Jisu and Sesu, the most loyal fans of Prince Shin Goon. And Kang Hyun the most reasonable one

Hye jung and Prince Yul Goon. After the deceased of husband/father, the King to be, based on Palace Law, they have to move out from Nike Air Force Beige the Palace. They stay in London for 14 years.

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[InHwa, Year 14]

They discussed on how cute the Prince is while Kang hyun felt disgusted. Chae gyung entered the studio silently and startled both Jisu and Sesu. Then Kang Hyun reminded the three that they hadn't finished the portrait assignment yet. They started to sketch something on the canvas at the second floor balcony. Just then Kang hyun told them that it seemed that the Prince had arrived at school based on the girl's cheering sound downstairs. Chae gyung took a look and thought that the Prince looked at her. She didn't realize that Shin looked at Min Hyo Rin who's Nike Air Force 1 Low Womens Price

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Friends of Chae Gyung

Jisu and Sesu stared at the book published by the Palace. They seemed to admire the Royal Family. Chae gyung came in and snatched away the book. They seized the book until it got ripped by Chae gyung. The guilty Chae gyung ran out for her life but Jisu managed to capture her.

Father, unemployed for a year after the company he once worked for got bankrupt.

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Mother, an insurance agent.

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Brother, still in school.

At the art studio, again Jisu and Sesu stared to the photo album diary of Prince Shin.

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would like to share the stories of this based on manga drama.

The Palace doctor checked the King's condition and reported to Tae hung mama (the Great Queen) that the King's health had fallen because of neuroglycopenia. Tae hung mama discussed with the Queen mother about the preparation of King's successor, that is the marriage of Crown Prince.

I bought this dvd last Wednesday so I could watch it during long weekend. I must say it's a mistake because now I go gaga for this K Drama. Why? Because apparently it hasn't ended yet, perhaps it has in Korea but not here. The pirated cd's distributor only has the half part of this popular drama. It consists of 24 episodes, and I only have 12 episodes in my hand now. I am verrryy curiooouuusss about what will happen from episode 13 forward. Seriously. I might have no life because of my Nike Air Force 1 Low White And Green

curiosity. So until I get the rest of the episodes, I Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low White/Ice

Introduction of the characters appeared in Episode 1

The ordinary family

Chae Gyun, major in art department, want to be designer.

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´╗┐La vie est belle

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