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He does have to amend Nike Air Force his tax returns. And must report the sale when you transfer it; which may cause a nice loss for him.

You could pay him for labor and deduct it as an expense.(must give him a 1099 if you pay him over $600.

Allow me to clarify. If the rental activity pays ANYONE over $600 you MUST by law issue them a 1099 misc. As is right now if you pay him $700 during 2011 to do work on the rental and manage it. Your EIN number will issue a 1099 Misc to him showing $700 in Box 7 non employee income. On your 1040 Sch E you will deduct $350 in labor. And on his 1040 Sch E he will deduct $350 in labor.

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labor, so he works for free and I probably have to start supporting my parents soon anyways as their retired and social security isn enough. The house is now underwater and rent about covers expenses, so we have little to no cash value.

his half to me our Schedule E will both show half of everything and be essentially identical.

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whole thing on my Schedule E? My father would gladly sign his (now worthless) half over.

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I don know what to do with this thing tax wise. I was thinking we would both need to claim half the values on schedule E part I (he have to amend his 2009 and 2010 returns) but maybe we have to deal with a 1065? Can I just have him do a quitclaim to me and claim the Nike Air Force 1 Low White/Black

Up till we transfer Grey Air Force 1 High

The same goes for if you pay your mother $650. On your 1040 Sch E you will deduct $325 in accounting fees. And on his 1040 Sch E he will deduct $325 in accounting fees.

As far as showing a heavy "paper loss" You may not want to do this for several reasons.

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Hi everyone, new here, looks like a great resource to the avoid the mistakes I dealing with now.

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While we are partners, neither of us can deduct our labor as an expense on the schedule E, but if contributions get uneven a check should be written from one partner to the other to even it out, but that not reported anywhere.

Get those tax returns filed ASAP. You must fix it going back; however, you may fix it going forward.

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"Roger owns one half undivided interest in a rental house. last year he paid $968 for necessary repairs on the property. Roger can deduct $484 (50% x $968) as a rental expense. He is entitled to reimbursement for the remaining half from the co owner."

´╗┐late filing

In late 2008 My father and I purchased a property 50/50 down payment initially(we both on the title), since then I pay the expenses, he does the labor/managing (I overseas). It was owner carried so no bank mortgage. It was "put in service" 2009 and till now neither of us have claimed anything on it for taxes. I hadn filed my 2009 or 2010 taxes yet and am working on that now, while his make no mention of the house.

1. If you want to get a mortgage you will want to show as high of an income as possible; however, it is illegal to negate expenses).

Here my understanding of how this is suppose to work, correct me if I wrong:

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When He transfers his half I can pay him managing fee and labor cost for his repairs and deduct them. I guessing from that time forward I list the whole expenses on my schedule E and do another 4562 for the other half of the house.

It apparent now the partnership was a mistake. We can claim his Nike Air Force 1 Low Womens White Ebay

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