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For the past two years, Ashley has also worked part time as an administrative assistant with her mother at The Gibson Firm LLC.

"Besides being a good student and always being prepared for class, having a great attitude and work ethic, she has a real outgoing personality that is fun," Stoll said.

Teresa, a paralegal, remembers telling her daughter that she need not worry about making perfect attendance through high school if she could achieve it through elementary school. But Ashley insisted on not giving up, she said.

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"I'm horrible about waking up," said Ashley. "Even when I was really sick, she'd say, 'At least go Gold Air Force 1 Low

That adds up to more than 2,300 days of learning that Ashley has never missed, regardless Blue Air Force 1 Low

Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

"When I was younger I thought it would make me really cool to never miss a day of school," said Ashley, 18. "When I got older I was like, 'I don't feel good, let me stay home.' But my mom was like, 'You've already gotten this far, don't give up.' So I didn't."

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of the weather, tough exams and even illness. However, there are been a few close calls when she nearly didn't make it to school.

have been able to keep the 13 year streak going.

Fortunately, Ashley said she has never experienced a serious illness to prevent her from achieving perfect attendance, something only her closest friends at school were aware of.

At Lassiter, Ashley said she was involved in Rotary International's Interact Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, DECA business club, and maintained a 3.0 grade point average. Her favorite subject is math because she said there's "always a right answer."

Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

In the fall, Ashley plans to attend Georgia Southern University. Though she hasn't decided what she'll study, she eventually wants to work with children.

for half the day so you can count it.'"

"There were so many hurdles that we had to jump through for her to obtain her goal, but now that she has reached her goal, it is obvious it was worth it," said Teresa, who has two other children. "We are very proud of her and know that this is just one of the many goals she will achieve in her life."

Nevertheless, Ashley suffered through classes in spite of embarrassment and curious glances.

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Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

´╗┐Lassiter s Ashley Huber had perfect attendance since kindergarten

Once, Teresa drove all night long from a cheerleading competition in Orlando to make sure her daughter didn't miss school.

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Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

Without the help of her parents, Mark and Teresa Huber, particularly her mother, Ashley said she wouldn't Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Red On Feet

Veteran teacher Rene Stoll, who teaches math at Lassiter, said that in her 18 years of teaching, she's known of only one other student to have perfect Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black attendance all the way through school.

The summer before her junior year, Ashley had major dental surgery to correct an overbite. The procedure left her in pain and with a lot of swelling. She remembered not being able to talk or eat, and barely able to breathe through her nose.

Although she has a perfect attendance record, Ashley is no different that most students in acknowledging that school isn't her favorite activity. While there, however, she makes the best of it.

Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

When Lassiter High School senior Ashley Huber walked across stage Thursday to receive her diploma, she did so without missing a single day of school since kindergarten.

Stoll described Ashley as "an ideal student."

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