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"Governments and wind developers need to better understand the social dynamics of rural communities and avoid feeding into rhetoric that allows neighbours to ridicule concerned or impacted residents," Baxter said. "Through our interviews with local residents we discovered that there is a willingness on both sides of the issue to listen to each other and work together, but that seems to be getting lost in a war of word. arguments factor in with siting policy, proximity and density of development both in community support for wind and the presence of health risks for those opposed.

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Jamie Baxter, uses evidence gathered from 26 in person interviews and 152 questionnaires in the southern Ontario communities of Port Burwell and Clear Creek to examine how those in support of wind interact with those who do not.

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Some interviewees ended up in tears. Two had to move out of their homes, bringing further financial and social tension.

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The outcomes of the study are targeted mainly toward politicians and developers and suggests there is much to be learned from adding a local voice to policy development. No two communities are the same and turbine policy needs to factor that in a fact reflected by the findings of more Port Burwell residents reporting they felt 'listened to' during the planning process and their much higher support levels.

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The emotions went both ways in some cases, wind supporters taking part in the survey did not realize the weight of their words until given the chance to review their own comments.

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all that we read going into the interviews, we weren't quite ready for the seriousness, he said.

Part of a community's support and understanding of wind development requires everyone speaking the same language residents, developers and politicians. One of the major difficulties for those opposed to wind development is being taken seriously, according to the study.

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effect of turbine development is not getting the debate it needs because of rhetoric that glosses over the subtle changes turbines have in rural Ontario.

theory, he said, is communities who play a larger role in the planning process are more likely to accept wind developments. That community voice has been curtailed through the Green Energy Act in Ontario, however the study leads to the conclusion that lower density projects with strong local input receive more support.

But, it's a difficult discussion to have, Baxter explained. In some cases, retroactive payments to neighbours are seen as dirty money from developers. In others, neighbours are reluctant to ask the money question for fear of being labeled greedy.

Walker said what most surprised him about his interview results was the degree to which turbine developments affected people's lives.

Likewise, in places where there are financial benefits for neighbouring properties or opportunities for host communities to share the profits from wind development, there's more support.

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we aren't running any statistical modeling it does suggest density is an issue, Nike Air Force Pink And Black

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who oppose turbine developments are tacitly or overtly cast in the role of barriers to sustainable energy development, the study states. The idea of NIMBY ism (not in my back yard), sums up a very complex issue in a very shallow sense.

Clear Creek, with 18 turbines, has a much higher number of people who have reported opposition or ill effects than Port Burwell with 66. There are 6.8 turbines within two kilometres of a home in Clear Creek Nike Air Force Mid Black compared to 3.7 in Port Burwell where overall support for wind turbines is at 80 per cent compared to 63 per cent in Clear Creek.

´╗┐Language change needed for meaningful turbine talk

Walker said. can't directly correlate it but it does provide a plausible explanation. developing Nike Air Force 1 High Top Red

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