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Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

´╗┐Last to go Bulldozers bringing down Fort Hill Homes

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

Located down the road from City Hall, the 120 unit Fort Hill housing project on Cole Street is the fifth and final public housing complex in the city left to be razed.

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

Her Fort Hill unit didn't have a dining room, so the family ate on the sofa around a coffee table, she said.

"It worked, but sometimes it was frustrating because the clothes, you pull them back in, and they smelled, especially if animals were outside, so you had to start back over," she said.

"It's funny how people see it in different ways," Tumlin said. "Would it be a natural extension of the downtown business community and have nice places there? The answer is yes."

The second project to be razed in 2006 was the 132 unit, 12 acre Clay Homes off Roswell Street near the Square. The MHA sold the property to Winter Properties for $8.5 million. Winter lost the property through a bank foreclosure in the recession, and it was bought by Walton Properties, which is in negotiations with the city over what to build there.

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

"It could beget other residential, or it could say now that we've got a place for people to Nike Air Force 1 High Red October live, let's build grocery stores Air Force Low Red

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

and office buildings for people to have a place to work," Tumlin said.

dining room table delivered and sitting at it for the first time and having a family dinner, it brought tears to my eyes," she said. "It meant so much to us. That's huge for us. We've never had that."

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

Bulldozers began tearing down the last of Marietta's federal housing projects this week.

The mayor said some of his lawyer friends have said the Fort Hill site would make an excellent spot for a federal court building, while Councilman Anthony Coleman said he'd like to see affordable homes built there.

Pugh said she was initially apprehensive about the move, because change is difficult for her.

Pugh, her husband, Carmichael, and their two daughters moved out of the two bedroom Fort Hill unit last August and into a three bedroom home in Walton Village on Roberta Drive, near Powder Springs Street.

Built in 1941 on a 10 acre tract, the Fort Hill complex lacked central air conditioning, while its apartments had bedrooms as small as 8 by 10 feet.

But her new home has much more space, with a second bathroom, a dining room, a third bedroom and a laundry room.

Residents began the process of moving out last June, with the last one leaving in October with rental vouchers that enabled them to move anywhere they chose, Buday said. Myrick Co. of Alpharetta proposed a $50 million mixed use development on the Nike Air Force Brown Suede

The third housing project razed in 2007 was the 10.5 acre, 125 unit Lyman Homes off Cherokee Street north of the Loop.

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

The property, now called Montgomery Park, is under contract with Traton Homes for $1.13 million. Buday said Traton plans to build 45 homes on the spot ranging in the $275,000 and higher price range.

The Fort Hill site is adjacent to old Lemon Street School building, a building used as the city's all black school before integration.

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

"One thing we're kind of waiting to see how things go with Montgomery Park, the Traton subdivision, and how things go with the old Meeting Park (Winter) property," Buday said. "We don't have any really hot prospects at this time, but, for example, if the Traton project just really sells out in no time at all, then maybe we can think about some small lot single family homes."Mayor Steve Tumlin said the Traton development could decide the future in two ways.

"When we had our Air Force 1 Low White Black

site, but lost it in the recession.

To dry her clothes at Fort Hill, she hung them on a line.

Nike Air Force 1 High Red October

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