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Mr Procter said his company handed Shay Grange to Mr Storke "in A1 condition" about five years ago. Since then "a considerable debt had accrued and the property had deteriorated," he said.

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"Lesley made efforts to take over the complex but we did not find them acceptable."

Mr Procter said he believed Mr Storke left the centre at the end of August last year but his company was not told.

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"We consulted lawyers and White Air Force Ones High Top

He stressed Procters had not accepted any rent from Miss Seekings since they found out she had taken over the club from her former husband.

Shay Grange Golf Centre has been repossessed by the owners following the departure of its tenant Steven Storke amid accusations of unpaid bills and lack of maintenance work.

to do with us at all."

Mr Fawcett said: "The members were returning and people were coming for lessons. My mum was popular and there was a good atmosphere. She wanted to make a go of it."

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Air Force 1 High Supreme

Mr Fawcett, a graphic design student, told the Telegraph Argus his mother "remortgaged her house, sold everything and spent every penny on refurbishing it and now she's lostMr Fawcett set up an internet message board at www.

Jonathan Procter, director of Procter Brothers (Bradford) Ltd, said: "We have nothing to hide. We have done everything legally and above board.

A popular golf course has been closed, leaving a woman who says she put every penny she owns into Air Force 1 High Supreme it on the brink of ruin.

Mr Procter said the land was owned by his parents and Nike Air Force Women Black

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´╗┐Landlord pulls plug on troubled golf course From Bradford Telegraph and Argus

He said Procters had a new tenant lined up for Shay Grange. "He has some new ideas and we are giving him a rent free period to sort out the dilapidation," he said.

The 600 a week rent was being paid but in November he discovered that Miss Seekings was running the Nike Air Force Low Black

his firm was leaseholder. They ran the centre themselves for three years before sub leasing to Mr Storke.


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Air Force 1 High Supreme

Air Force 1 High Supreme

Air Force 1 High Supreme

Miss Seekings herself posted: "I have tried my best and am sorry we have all ended up at a loss. Everything happens for a reason and I am now looking forward to the future."

as landlords to repossess our asset."

"She moved into the property without our permission and without our knowledge," he said. "We never told her to go ahead and spend any money on the centre. If she has it is off her own bat, nothing

they said she had no lease and we could not accept rent from her," Mr Procter said.

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