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I always wonder what other bill the tenant is paying that makes it worth paying close to $100 in late fees to their landlord and more than once. whichever is greater. Per diem late fees would be illegal to charge. Our courts are punitive to landlords when they exceed this. I'm not their mother, and it's not my job to turn them into a responsible, productive member of society. But that's just me. There's nothing wrong with you setting up something for the tenant to encourage timely payment.

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Will look at some kind of plan to get her back on track or set up due date around her work paydays.

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I want to help her get back to paying on the 1st but also like getting the extra money in late fees each Nike Air Force 1 High Retro Qs Blue

fees and as long as you're getting the rent and fees in full at least partway through the month, you're better off than trying to remove a tenant and finding another. I had a tenant once who told me her rent would be late because she had to pay her car insurance. I told her that the car insurance company could afford to wait for their payment, and I could not, and a Pay or Quit would be posted. She paid the rent and late fee.

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´╗┐Late Payment Question for Landlords

Nike Air Force High Tops

Nike Air Force High Tops

I'm curious to see how other landlords feel about this. We have a tenant who has paid late the past two months. Between the late fees and penalties, it's been about $200 extra each month (rent is $985)

on time and not get so far behind she can't catch up, you will have a tenant for life. I would much rather have a 10 year tenant than 4 tenants over 10 years that I collect late fees from for a few months and then evict because I let them get too far behind.

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She makes good money, so its not a situation where she can't afford the rent. How would you proceed? Thanks. You are very close to that. The question is, would you rather have a few months late fee and an eviction or a broke tenant paying on time.

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Your dollar signs from the late fees are clouding your judgment. She obviously can't manage money. You want to always be paid first vs taking a chance of being one of the ones she decides to pay. Look at it this way since she can't manage money, she won't ever save enough for a deposit to move. She'll only move if you evict her. If you can keep her Nike Air Force 1 High Wheat Grade School

As far as "not letting her get 3 weeks late" we file a dispossessory if she goes past the 10th. One benefit for me personally, of setting up a plan and getting her back on track is not having to go to the magistrate court once to file the warrant and a second time to cancel it after she pays.

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Nike Air Force High Tops

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Nike Air Force High Tops

Nike Air Force High Tops

month. We send out late notices per the payment schedule in the lease so we maintain the lease agreement. When she goes past the 10th we file a dispossessory, which she has to pay for. There is no loan on the house, so we're not fronting any money each month.

My partner wants to set her up on a temporary payment plan over the next three months where she makes a mid month payment in addition to the first month payment, which is scaled to help her get back on track to paying full on the first again by July 1st.

I have the late fee due on the 3rd ($50) and $5 a day after that, although we will post the 3 Day Pay or Quit on the 5th. A good tenant that has only been late twice isn't worth losing, unless this goes on continually. Keep the late Air Force 1 Flyknit Low Black

Get them on a payday payment plan. Get them signed up for an ACH debiting service (ClearNow or erentpayments) that TAKES rent from their account the day they are paid. Biweekly payments or even weekly payments would be good so it matches her pay check.

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