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Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

estate investors. The time to capitalize on 3 is now. You have buyers who want these features, you have contractors who are starting to understand how to implement them and you have people like me to help you. However, this window is starting to close. As more studies of this nature come out, more RE investors are beginning to pursue this path. Soon, you won be the only game in town on this. [Case in point, 18 months ago, I had 1 green real estate investor client. I couldn't get anyone to even talk about the benefits of green RE investing. Now I have people from all over the country calling and I am working on projects all over the US.]

´╗┐Latest Green Buyer Trends for Real Estate Investors

was segmented into six buyer types including:

1. Performance is King. People are much more interested in a homes performance than the fixtures inside it. Current economic conditions, etc. have lead us all to be cost conscious and consider performance as the true litmus test. Hmmm, where have I read that before?

4. The window is open but starting to close Nike Air Force 1 High 07

In all six buyer categories, high efficiency insulation garnered more must have votes than any other answer. In fact, only .6% of one buyer type (Move Up) ranked it as not important. All six types of buyers ranked it as a must have by a large margin.

2. Buyers are more educated than we expected. They know about and see the value in a variety of green building practices.

for real Red Air Force Ones High

3. Displaced Relocations or families seeking smaller home due to change in family situation.5. Second Home Professionals seeking vacation home. 60% of respondents said that Features were a must have as compared to 38% who said home design was a must have. Only 9% said that Fixtures were a must have. This is an amazing trend from just a few years ago when green features were barely a consideration for any buyer.

The group Nike Air Force Shoes High Tops

Framing 2 x6, tankless water heaters, recycled materials and green flooring largely fell into the want or be nice categories. I believe that they are not seen as essentials because they are new technologies and the benefits to the homeowners aren as clear. As the general public becomes more informed these results will increase.

High window efficiency trended up as a must have while large windows trended down. Respondents showed that they were willing to go smaller in window size to improve performance. This represnets a sea change as most buyers have always wanted large windows.

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

My immediate take aways from this study:

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

57.7% of first time buyers said that overall energy efficiency is a must have. 62.5% of Empty Nesters also said it was a must have. While 74.2% of Nike Air Force 1 High Brown Custom owners said it was a must have, that not as impactful because if you have the money to build a custom home, spending to make it energy efficient is not as big of a factor. What interesting is that first time buyers (usually stretched for cash) and retirees (usually on fixed incomes) understand the budgetary impact of living in an energy efficient home and seek those homes out. What also interesting is that while roughly 50% of the market for rehabs (first time buyers, retirees) want these features, less than 5% of the RE market provides them.

The study was based on a survey of 11,335 home owners that built houses in the last 9 years.

3. The demand for green homes (new, rehabbed, etc.) continues to outpace the supply.

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

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Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

Nike Air Force 1 High Brown

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