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I would not recommend having the tenants pay separately and chasing each for "their share" of Grey Air Force 1 Low

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Nike Air Force 80s

I completely agree with Kyle Meyers, sounds that you may have more of a "management" problem than a tenant problem.

To me it sounds like you don have a strong lease and the tenant is taking advantage of this. You need to update the lease within the guidelines of the state and local law and begin enforcing it. Then the tenant will pay you first before going shopping.

If a tenant is consistently late, discuss with them if there is some reason. Sometimes people don get money until some date into the month. If the struggle with the 1st, but could pay on the 10th, have them pay one third of the month then reset the lease to have the rent due on the 10th.

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Nike Air Force 80s

Nike Air Force 80s

An attorney was pointing out that if your tenant ever disputes in court that your late fees were not "reasonable" during your UD hearing, and that these fees were more of a penalty, the judge could order these fees to be refunded to your tenant, making your 3 day notice "defective" hence dismissing your UD."late fees must be reasonably related to the costs that your landlord faces as a result of your rent payment being late . A properly set late fee is legally valid, but a late fee that is so high that it amounts to a penalty is not legally valid. (Harbor Island Holdings, LLC v. 7 (late fee invalid because landlord failed to establish that damages for late payment of rent were extremely difficult to fix). ".

I would post (not mail) a three day notice as soon as the rent was late, unless arrangements were made. And start the eviction notice as soon as possible.

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they are jointly and severally liable, so you should serve both with a 3 day notice and enforce your lease terms.

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Nike Air Force 80s

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Jon Holdman, Flying Phoenix LLC

If your lease doesn currently specify when rent is due and when it is late, along with late fees, how they are compounded and actions taken with specific dates then I would highly recommend amending your lease and instituting these specifics.

Roy, I was researching late fees a couple of months backs and reading something important to keep in mind in California:

the rent. Your lease should state Nike Air Force Pink And Blue

If they have a valid lease, you can just unilaterally change it. If they on month to month, then you can change it starting next month.

I don believe there is a maximum late fee you can charge, though it cannot be punitive and must be related to your liquidated damages. I like to charge a lower daily fee instead of a large one time fee, because it better reflects my liquidated damages, also the tenant still has incentive to pay sooner rather than later. As for giving notice to change the terms, I believe 30 days is required, buy I would go with 60 days to be safe.

Nike Air Force 80s

´╗┐Late fees and 3 day notice

Unless the tenant has a lengthy good track record with us I never deviate from the lease conditions. In most cases a letter of intent to evict that references the lease will let the tenant know you don screw around. Instead of paying their cell phone bill first they will pay you.

What is a 3 day notice? If you mean a 3 days notice to pay I would recommend mailing a formal letter to begin documenting the process.

"Unless the lease specifically defines late charges as "rent", the 3 day notice to pay rent or quit cannot include late fees as part of the unpaid rent. Doing so would render the 3 day notice to pay or quit defective."

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