Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

and sprucing up to the tune of a few thousand (things we'd planned to do this year anyway), we listed. Three days later the drive under like ours around the corner sold for $60,000 less than we were asking. You could say it was an omen.

Initially, we rationalized, undaunted. It was supposed to be the "summer of recovery," right? And we have marble bathrooms and a paved driveway, much nicer than that other one.

After doing a quick review of deferred maintenance Nike Air Force 1 Low Womens

Soon it was joined by college girl stuff. Time for a sale.

The first few months of this year we had our house on the market. If you're saying "What market?" you get the grand prize. Bear with me.

So we threw it all out there under the gorgeous October sky. We caught up with the neighbors, made some new friends and got lots of pleasure watching folks happy with what they found, if only until their next sale.

In July I relaxed, got a puppy, invested in a fence. And began to cull through closets.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

And we avoided politics, the economy and other current events, relishing the simplicity of a good haggle. Sometimes you just have to start fresh.

Well, OK, five months later with barely a showing, we realized it was not to be.

So I quit micro cleaning every evening after the preschoolers went to bed. Quit polishing the stainless kitchen, quit wiping down every wall. My threshold of pain reached, our new life with bigger closets and a master on the main was put on hold.

Realtors, this is not the time to write saying, "I could've sold it." You couldn't. Every house I looked at in January is still for sale, owners not willing to collapse.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

´╗┐Laura Armstrong Garage sales are just the thing for a fresh start

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

As my better half geared up for Afghanistan in January, we'd discovered just the perfect place, still in west Cobb but a much friendlier floor plan for our expanded family. Being the optimist, I decided to turn it into a project for this deployment. What better way to make the time fly than preparing for and making a move, even if just up the street? I was game, whatever the outcome. After all, I'd already sold two homes by owner as a single mom.

I'm getting a little old for these extravaganzas.

The accumulation was mesmerizing. So this is what happens when you don't move every few years.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

I didn't know where it all came from, but it went to the basement.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

Middle aged weakling that I've become, Thursday was spent pulling out unused furniture packed to the basement ceiling by my absent logistics Marine. Aside from the couch on top of the piano, it wasn't too bad. The barstools saved for 10 years saw daylight, as did Old Faithful, the kitchen table that's marinated 20 years in so much glitter and royal frosting it has to be magic by now.

become remotely similar. We all have those tendencies, you know piles everywhere. But first, Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black an update.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

Sitting here a few hours before deadline, I have to say right up front that my fingers are barely able to type. Every bone is exhausted. We just finished having the Garage Sale from h e double hockey sticks, and there is nothing, nothing in this political season I remotely want to discuss in this condition. Unless it starts with an M and ends in argarita.

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

sales at all, you know they must be geared up for. My prep work consisted of watching multiple episodes of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" and debating with myself whether our situation had Air Force 1 Flyknit Low On Feet

If you do garage Nike Air Force 1 Flyknit High Top

Nike Air Force 1 High Lv8 Black

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