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"I encourage you to get acquainted with the history of your town. . I'm sure you all have stories that overlap Nike Air Force Shoes For Women

´╗┐Large crowd for historic Catlettsburg Lantern Tour

Air Force One Low Blue

Laura Tussey, another organizer of the tour, stood in front of the crowd as the tour began and explained that Catlettsburg was once an area that largely sympathized with the Confederacy. Because of the Big Sandy River, it was also a good location for soldiers to set up camp and to export supplies.

She said that on the tour, the group would be visiting and learning the history of historical sites that included the church sanctuary, a statue of judge John Elliott on the courthouse lawn and Nike Air Force 1 Gold Black

Ashlee Childers, another tour organizer, said everyone involved spent months planning the evening's festivities, recruiting volunteers from local high schools and contacting Civil War re enactors. She said her hard work was worth it, and is very happy with the results.

Air Force One Low Blue

explain it to others," he said.

Air Force One Low Blue

As the crowd gathered into the church, organizers expressed their surprise at the turnout, which was much smaller last year.

Air Force One Low Blue

Garrett Campbell, 15, Air Force One Low Blue of Catlettsburg, said that as part of the city development club, he suggested a historical tour of the city last year when they needed another activity for Friday night. It grew into a Civil War themed tour, he said, and has grown a lot since its first year.

Air Force One Low Blue

Air Force One Low Blue

"My grandma grew up here. I just wanted to know more about the history of the town," she said.

Kilgore and Collier Funeral Home. Campbell, a presentation on Civil War era mourning clothes and jewelry by the Daughters of the Confederacy and a presentation on Civil War weaponry.

The tour is a new part of the town's usual Labor Day festivities that continue throughout the weekend.

Air Force One Low Blue

Karen Sperry, 41, of Catlettsburg, said she had been on historical tours in other cities and thought tour would be a good opportunity to learn about the town she lives in.

"The tour in Savannah was interesting, so I wanted to see the one in my own back yard," Sperry said.

and are woven into the history of this town," Tussey said.

Missy McCalvin, 37, of Catlettsburg, said she is a history buff who always attends the Labor Day festivities and wanted to check out the tour because she did not get to go on it last year.

Air Force One Low Blue

"It's a blessing to be involved in this. . I've learned so much of the history (of the town) now. It's cool that I can Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low

Eleanor Trapp of Reynoldsburg, Ohio, said she learned about the history tour while she was in town restoring property owned by her family.

Air Force One Low Blue

"The biggest difference is that last year there were 27 people, and this year I stopped counting at 72. It's incredible," Campbell said.

Air Force One Low Blue

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