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They are prisoners, whose menfolk and male children have all been killed as the enemy overrun their city. They are waiting to hear what will become of them. Their former Queen, Hecuba, has lost her husband, sons and daughter Polyxena, while her second daughter Cassandra, a temple virgin, is taken to be the concubine of one of the Greek leaders.

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What are the problems in adapting a Greek play in translation to the 21st century stage?

Recent events in the Balkans and the Near East point up the modern relevance. Think of Bosnia, think of, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria. The play attacks the violence of war, the ease with which honour is compromised, the fact that women and children are war's most frequent innocent victims. We are talking about modern times.

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What have you and your cast found most rewarding in rehearsing this play?

´╗┐Lace Market Theatre

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Air Force 1 Flyknit Low

version we are using is by Don Taylor; he has preserved the majesty of the original while using modern and accessible expression.

Women of Troy offers the rare opportunity for women to take the lead and to carry the weight of Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low University Red/White

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The opportunities for ensemble playing are rich. With Greek drama there is also plenty of space for devising. The setting breathes the wide open space of a Greek amphitheatre leaving much to the power of the imagination.

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I am interested in drama that is translated from other cultures. It so enriches our British repertoire, sometimes reinforcing British cultural values, sometimes contradicting them, but always provoking debate.

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Mostly opportunities rather than problems: immense freedom for the imagination; close work in rehearsals devising ways to bring the text alive; allowing women performers to use their voices to the full, in lines flowing with rhetoric and deep emotion.

The gods are playing their part too. Pallas Athene, a protector of cities, persuades Poseidon, the god of the sea and patron of Troy, to raise a storm over the Greek fleet. She wishes to take vengeance against the Greeks for destroying one of her shrines, and the city of Troy.

What has a play written two and a half thousand years ago got to say to a modern audience?

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Among the women is the famous Helen of Troy, who is one of the reasons why the Greeks Air Force 1 Flyknit Low have besieged the city. She had eloped with a Trojan prince, the son of Hecuba, deserting her Greek husband Menelaus. The Greek leader Menelaus has come sentence her and she tries to defend herself but her argument is demolished by Hecuba and she is to be sent back to Sparta to die in the stoning pit. Her only hope is her husband Menelaus who still loves her.

This play is no easy ride. As director, I have found it a challenge to ensure that the audience can follow a complicated story. Modern theatre sometimes fights shy of publicly expressed deep feelings such as terror, mourning, grief and suffering. It has been fulfilling to watch a group with little experience of Greek classical theatre rise to the language and emotional demands of Euripides' play.

the play. The chorus of women prisoners is a powerful voice condemning the Greeks for their brutal behaviour in war. At the same time it is the women who suffer directly from their Nike Air Force One Low Mens

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