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Without the funding that the TIA provides, MARTA will have to get its' act together or it will dissolve in front of our very eyes. As it should.

When it comes to building roads, under the current paradigm, there is no correlation between cost and use. Public roads and highways are seen as a "public good" where regardless of how much you use or don't use our roads, you pay the same tax rates to build and maintain them. The major exception is the transportation fuel tax. Consequently, heavy users are subsidized by everyone else, thereby encouraging overconsumption of a scarce resource.

We are no different than 3rd world countries all over the globe, run by greedy businessmen dictators, throwing crumbs to the peasants.

This situation is analogous to what exists in countries with socialized medicine, where the cost of service is divorced from the provision of the service, leading to long and life threatening waiting lists for basic medical surgeries and procedures. Compare this to the operation of the free market in the local super market. There, consumers are offered an endless supply of goods where they can see a direct relationship between what they want to purchase and what it will cost. These competitive forces keep supply and demand in synch, thereby avoiding shortages and scarcity, and allowing for a bountiful, affordable, and high quality food supply.

With the TIA, the most likely outcome with a major road expansion is that commuters will, without any direct cost associated with the new infrastructure, rapidly "consume" it, resulting in weeks or months after its completion the same mind numbing congestion that existed prior to its grand opening.

The solution to our transportation challenges is not to throw more money at the problem, but Nike Air Force Blue White to come up with intelligent solutions which will more properly align the costs of transportation with its users. Studies put forward by the Reason Foundation show there are market based solutions. In California and throughout the world, private sector entrepreneurs have devised ways to link costs with service. In China, when it came out of the fog of central planning two decades ago and started to experience double digit growth it did not at the time have the taxpayer resources to build the infrastructure needed. So it went to the private sector which said it would invest in transportation infrastructure so long as it could get a reasonable return and so long as its government provides a regulatory regime that will allow an attractive but not guaranteed opportunity for venture capitalists.

´╗┐Lance Lamberton Try market based approach on transportation woes

The ones in power, have BOUGHT it!!

I've ever heard come from Tim Lees mind.

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Lance Lamberton of Powder Springs is president and founder of the Cobb Taxpayers Association.

in taxpayer funding.

I would suggest that the primary the difference is that, in this country, huge government funded bureacracies have grown up around the dysfunctional public transportation systems that have been put in place.

of all taxpayers in Atlanta's 10 county region is seized to benefit well heeled spending interests. You can dress this pig with the prettiest dress and loads of makeup, but this massive transfer of wealth is nothing more than an example of spending interests feeding from the public trough.

Well guess what? There are now at least a half a dozen such toll road companies trading profitably upon the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. That is the miracle of the free market. They paid for their investment with toll roads and advanced technology and are leading the way into the 21st Century in transportation. We can do it here, too, in Atlanta.

If there is one thing everyone in the Atlanta region can agree on it is that traffic congestion is a serious problem. It is an impediment to economic growth, where prospective new employers and businesses consider the cost of doing business in Atlanta verses other cities where traffic congestion is less problematic. It also deters prospective new employees from coming to Atlanta, who understandably do not relish the thought of spending untold hours stuck in our infamous traffic jams.

Unfortunately, the game being played on the American public is that ONLY the wealthy politically well connected get to make all the rules. THEY decide how to TAX us THEY decide how to SPEND it!!

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Everyone elses voice eventually gets snuffed out, no matter how right they may be.

Well done, Mr. Lamberton. It is clear you have been reading your Thomas Sowell materials and understanding them. This, they CANNOT allow to happen.

The Catch 22 is it would likewise impede economic growth because it would increase the tax burden by taking billions out of the wealth producing private sector and into the hands of government contractors to create mostly temporary jobs that would go away once the projects are completed and would place Georgia at a competitive disadvantage to its lower taxed neighbors. Moreover, once the money is spent, could we look forward to a final, or even substantial resolution to our traffic congestion? Not likely. Here's why.

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There are better ways to resolve our transportation problems. Private sector financed and operated transit systems are certainly a step in the right direction.

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The TIA is a step in the WRONG direction.

Well Said Mr. Lamberton. You are right on target.

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If, on the other hand, our elected officials want to invest in our transportation infrastructure in a really cost effective way without a tax increase, then do it the way our founding fathers intended it to done: Go to the private sector. If the Chinese can do it, so can we.

Great well thought out rational thoughtful ideas.

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My final point is to challenge the claim by supporters of the TIA tax increase that it is an investment in economic development. Balderdash! It is crony capitalism at its worst, where the property Nike Air Force High Tops Black

It is already happening in bankrupt or near bankrupt states, counties and cities around the country.

Our challenge in Metro Atlanta is to make sure the government boiler is not stoked once again with the injection of $6.1 Billion Nike Air Force 1 Orange

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In response, last year the state legislature passed the Transportation Investment Act which would allow citizens to vote for a 1 percent increase in the sales tax within designated regions throughout the state. This money would ostensibly be raised to build infrastructure projects with the goal of reducing commute times, and in the case of the 10 ounty Atlanta region, to also build new mass transit systems or expand existing ones.

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