Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

his oversized cart back toward the shower section.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

My husband, Ron, had barbequed and a feast awaited us. That's when my youngest son, Cooper, asked me, "How many years will you have to be with Ron for him to be the husband you've ever been with the longest?"

"I measured incorrectly," he said.

"Want me to go with you to make the return?" I asked.

If only missing measurements were the least of our worries. Nope, turns out the shower Nike Air Force High Tops Brown door we needed wasn't as easy to locate in the hardware store as the computerized inventory suggested. Thirty minutes later we headed toward the check out line. En route to the cashier, Ron picked up shower cleanser with bleach, room deodorizer and a scrub brush. I half smiled and silently prayed he wasn't going to ask me to clean their bathroom.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

Relief washed over his face.

children together, but collectively we have six. Three of the six were at dinner and had a hearty chuckle at my expense. Through reddened cheeks, I couldn't help but giggle.

Once the correct door was reloaded onto our cart, Ron grabbed a shower curtain, rod and hooks on his way back to the return line.

"Do you have the measurements of the shower?" I asked when I soon realized from the look on his face I clearly shouldn't have posed such a stupid question. "Got 'em right here," he said, waving his cell phone.

"Is that right?" I asked.

My son's question came on the cusp of a bathroom renovation project that Ron assured me wouldn't take "more than a day" to complete. I was foolish enough to believe him.

We had gathered around the picnic table. The sun had finally surrendered behind a pillow of clouds.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

This weekend, my husband and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary and I honestly can't wait to see what happens next.

The basement is home to my twin teenagers, Austin and Kyle, and their friends. Cooper hangs out because he doesn't mind the smell, which ranges from an overzealous amount of Old Spice to the rank stench from gym bags in desperate need to be unpacked.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

With new measurements, we returned to the hardware store. The correct sized shower door was quickly loaded onto a cart that we whisked toward the return line. Only Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Low Multicolor

Sandwiched between the boys bedrooms is the bathroom. Ron prefers the locker room style, single stall shower and commode to my bathroom, which is filled with scented candles, a sunken tub and fluffy towels.

And then my husband will remind me that it's just one day at a time. For a person who isn't in recovery, Ron works a good program. I am in recovery so my thinking tends to lean toward overdrive. I overthink everything, which is why we normally balance each other so well unless we're in the middle of a home improvement project and then it's anyone's game who's the sanest in the marriage.

the new shower door was twice the cost of the previous one.

"I was married for ten years and then I was married for five. So eleven years will do it," I said.

The innocence of his question brought a collective laugh around the table. Cooper knows I have been married twice, to his father, and to the father of his three siblings. Ron is my third husband. We don't have any Nike Air Force One Low Mens

"This may take more than a day to fix," he confessed.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

I knew it was a pivotal moment in our marriage.

We soon realized that the new door had fancier glass. For a moment, I watched Ron contemplate paying double for the decorative door versus going back to the dreaded bathroom department. But my sweet husband is nothing if not persistent. He shook his bald head, said something under his breath, and pushed Nike Air Force Ones High

That's when I knew that any expectations my children may have for this marriage, paled to the reality I have of this marriage. Following my grimy, bleached stained, stinky husband toward the checkout, there was no doubt in my mind that 11 years would fly by.

So when the basement shower started springing a leak, Ron was immediately on the project. He opted to fix it himself so I gladly accompanied him to the hardware store.

My answer seemed to satisfy my seven year old. Cooper deals well with tangibles. The success of this marriage is so important to all my children that sometimes I feel the weight of their expectations and think I can't possibly live up to them.

I did, however, cart the old shower door to the dump. Within moments of returning, my husband was waiting for me. His face was covered in something nasty and he smelled like the boys' gym bag. His blue T shit was splattered with bleach stains that looked like a cheap "Grateful Dead" tie dye knock off. But the look of dread on his face, truly told me something horrible had happened.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

´╗┐lasting marriage

"How long, momma?" Cooper asked.

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

Nike Air Force High Tops Brown

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