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´╗┐Kruger brother encountered Zabawa at bar

"He said his truck was gone or stolen and he had no way to get to work," he said. "I told him to get here whenever he could."

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That testimony, which was provided by Theron Kruger and several other witnesses, came after prosecutors questioned the investigator in charge of gathering evidence at Michael Stanley Zabawa's house in Nike Air Force 1 Low Gray

Prosecutors switched the focus of that trial Friday to where 26 year old Michael Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork Stanley Zabawa was the night before he allegedly broke into Tracy Krugers' farmhouse south of Waseca two years ago.

Zabawa is facing several felony charges, including first degree murder, for allegedly killing Tracy Kruger, 40, and Tracy's 13 year old son, Alec. Hilary Kruger, now 43, was severely injured in the Feb. through a 911 call by Alec.

BTheron Kruger described his older brother, Tracy, as his best friend. They hunted together, worked on vehicles, went to movies, "anything you'd do with friends."

Blaser heard the loud exhaust from Zabawa's truck as he pulled away and headed home. She identified Zabawa's truck as the one stuck in the snow outside the Krugers' home, which is on a back road between Waseca and Matawan. Saturday morning when he hadn't punched in yet. Hodapp called Zabawa's cell, but was sent to voice mail.

Defense attorneys agree that Zabawa crashed his truck near the Krugers' home, took Hilary Kruger's Ford Explorer in an attempt to pull his truck out and stole a neighbor's truck to drive home. But they deny he went into the house, and pointed out Thursday there was no physical evidence found that links him to the inside of the house. The two worked together there, but that was the first time the Nike Air Force 1 Ultra Flyknit Black

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Fisher was covered in snow and was "pretty drunk," Blaser said. She remembers he asked Zabawa, "at least three times," to just spend the night on the couch. She said Zabawa "didn't seem that drunk," and insisted on driving home. Saturday morning. It was Fisher's weekend off.

Zabawa called back a short time later, Hodapp said.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

After buying a pitcher of beer, they played pool. to go to another bar.

Matawan. That evidence included a blood stained shirt and jacket. It also included shoes with treads matching the shoe prints found around the Kruger home.

On Feb. 2, 2007, Theron Kruger was out enjoying a Friday evening with some of his other friends. They went to Katie O'Leary's Beef and Brew in downtown Waseca, put some quarters on the bar's only pool table and, just by chance, crossed paths with the man who is now on trial for killing Tracy.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

two decided to go downtown together, Fisher said.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

vacant Matawan house, where the stolen pickup had been parked, to Zabawa's house.

They met at an apartment in Waseca, where Fisher, his girlfriend and their son were staying with another couple and their children.

At some point during the night, Eric Fisher got into a fight with another guy at the bar, said Ken Wollschlager, a bartender working at Katie O'Leary's that night. Zabawa broke it up, he added. He and Zabawa made the short walk back to the apartment.

Zabawa never showed up for work that day. He'd been arrested a short time after that call after police followed shoe prints from a Air Force Low Quarters

Nike Air Force 1 Low Cork

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