Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

about the Special Olympians, we voted and decided on that one."

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

"It's been inspiring no matter how long your day can be or how busy your own life can be, you go out and meet with the athletes on a Tuesday or a Thursday, and it just brings a smile to your face."

"Const. McLaughlin has been volunteering with the Special Olympics here and noted that they had a hard time raising money, because of the cost of travel out of Labrador is so expensive," said Const. Ken Maher, who organized the Happy Valley Goose Bay hockey team.

Each year, a different detachment is given the money so they can donate it to a deserving organization. This year it was Happy Valley Goose Bay's turn.

"We knew we were getting something but not that much," said Lamond.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

"They're always happy. They're always happy to see you and they're always welcoming you with a hug," said McLaughlin. "They inspire you to take a look at yourself and want to be a better person, because they're so great."

After McLaughlin propped up the Howling Huskies as deserving candidates, the other officers quickly followed suit.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

The money came courtesy of an RCMP hockey tournament, held in Gander every year to honour two fallen RCMP officers, Const. Amey and Const. Hoey.

The pizza party and donation also marked a sad goodbye between McLaughlin and the Special Olympians, as the constable is scheduled to transfer across the country to British Columbia later in May

The money will definitely be put to good use. The Howling Huskies are currently raising funds for the 2014 Athletic Championships, held in Clarenville between June 14 and 15. Their main fundraiser is ticket sales on a brand new car, worth $24,000.

While hugging his friends one last time, McLaughlin was clearly holding back tears of emotion.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

Members and volunteers of the Howling Huskies Special Olympic team pose with Cst. Shawn McLaughlin outside the RCMP station in Happy Valley Goose Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion Bay. Included in the picture are: front (l r) Kevin Lamond, Edith Chiasson, Nike Air Force 1 Silver

Every February, teams from Newfoundland and Labrador, made of RCMP officers and employees, travel to Gander for the tournament. The teams raise money by fundraising and paying a registration fee.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

Jeannie Walsh, Jody Michelin, Sarah Connell, Alvina Blake, Susie Schule and Harris Wolfrey; back Charlene Kinsella, Jason Froude, Corey Ward, Cst. Shawn McLaughlin has volunteered much of his spare time with the local Special Olympics team, the Howling Huskies. The officer, who was stationed at the Happy Valley Goose Bay detachment in 2011, knew from his experience that the Huskies had to work very hard every year to raise much needed money.

gift on behalf of the club: bookends made with Labradorite.

So, when the local detachment came in possession of $4,610 they could donate to any organization, the officer didn't hesitate to recommend the Howling Huskies.

´╗┐Labrador RCMP officers donate to Special Olympians

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

On the evening of May 6, athletes and volunteers with the Huskies were invited to the Happy Valley Goose Bay RCMP detachment, where officers dressed in red surge hosted a pizza party in their honour.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

"The athletes were looking forward to it. They knew they were going for a tour. They didn't know there was a pizza party or a donation."

The Howling Huskies plan on sending 12 athletes to Clarenville, at an estimated cost of $15,000.

"I didn't realize how touched I'd be. I'm usually not a very emotional person, but to stand there and have to say goodbye to the athletes it really had a huge impact on me personally," said McLaughlin.

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

"It's hard to raise funds year after year in a town the size of Goose Bay. So we were quite pleased to be able to provide them with that kind of money," said Maher.

After eating pizza and taking a detailed tour of the station, Const. Shawn McLaughlin surprised everyone when he handed over the $4,610 to Huskies' club co ordinator Susan Lamond.

"Basically, when we heard his story Black Nike Air Force High Top

For his great contributions to the Howling Huskies, Lamond gave him a parting Nike Air Force 1 Pink High Top

Nike Air Force 1 Women Fashion

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